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CM Punk Spotted in Chicago on Friday Night (Photo), Hall of Famers Hold Their Own Party

– Below is TMZ video of Lilian Garcia doing karaoke on Bourbon Street this weekend, at the same bar Pat Patterson did karaoke that we posted video of. TMZ notes that Al Snow and Chris Masters were in the crowd for Lilian’s performance.

– Scott Hall and Jake Roberts held their Hall of Fame party in front of a packed crowd at the House of Blues in New Orleans last night. Below is a photo of Big Show, Diamond Dallas Page, Ric Flair, Hall and Jake on stage:

Hall Jake event

– CM Punk was definitely not in New Orleans on Friday. He was spotted in Palatine, Illinois last night at an Against Me! concert. Punk was on stage behind the band during their performance. It’s hard to make out but Punk can be seen in the photo below:

Punk Against Me

  • AmishPatel

    Guys – don’t blame Middleton for this one. This was totally 100% my mistake. I had assumed the article was a CM Punk-New Orleans spot, so I changed the title to reflect that. Clearly f’d up there. Any crap directed in this case lies squarely at my feet.

    And we never intentionally troll fans with fake headlines guys, never. But sometimes, mistakes do happen! Look at the number of posts, videos, photos, etc. that have gone out in the last few days, weeks, months, etc. It’s difficult to do that between 2 people only and there’s a helluva lot of news. It’s no excuse, but we do work hard on this site.

    Apologies again people.

  • f-u-middleton

    Middleton, you are a joke. My friends and I play a drinking game called “Middleton typo.” Every typo you have, we take a shot. Oh and heres Marc Middletons email:

    Also, I’m starting a petition for you to be released from these sites: email to

    Anti Marc Middleton facebook coming soon as well!



  • Don Kim

    If Punk is on WM, he won’t be spotted easily.
    I hope he’s the one that costs HHH the match and let Bryan win..

  • D2K

    I heard that too! Apparently the lives look like small green mushrooms???

  • TheFizPop

    look at these retards, if Punk is actually going to be at WM, you think they’d allow him to be photographed? they’d have him hiddin ala Y2J RR 12.

    But what if this is a work? and they fly him in right now? or he’s already on a flight, his not in match so doesn’t need to be fresh to compete, or is this black choppers around area 51

  • Swish

    Hack reporting right there, guy.

  • D2K

    Just so you know, April Fool’s was on Tuesday. Not today.

  • Matthew Farrell

    This a really bad troll job. Way to screw with the people who come to this site

  • b-roadster

    w-e is going downhill, they never post anything any real wwe(f) fans actually care about, or they put fake headlins like they did here

  • Solid

    If Punk was going to be at WM, (which I highly doubt) you’d fly in somewhere else and drive into N.O. stay away from everywhere/everyone until its time to walk into the arena 5/10/30 mins before your spot so no one finds out.

  • Classic stuff Marc Middleton. Classic. Get people to click by saying “PUNK IN NO”, then follow it up with “Punk not in NO”. That is the height of douche-baggery good sir. I hear you can purchase lives at Wal-Mart these days. Try it out.

  • Doobi

    Haha I said the same thing…Not intentionally misleading right?

  • Sam

    Title:CM Punk spotted in New Orleans
    Artlcle: CM Punk was not in New Orleans