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CM Punk Pays Tribute To Eddie Guerrero At House Show, Daniel Bryan Frustrated

— Following his victory over Alberto Del Rio at Saturday night’s Raw live event in El Paso, Texas, CM Punk paid tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero

Punk spoke on the microphone and said that when he thinks of El Paso, he thinks of Eddie Guerrero. He feels that even though Eddie is gone, if the people who were touched by him spread his legacy, then he will continue to live. He then blew a kiss to the arena ceiling in memory of Guerrero. Fans chanted “Eddie” with Punk to conclude the show.

Vickie Guerrero appeared at the event as it took place in her hometown. She accompanied Dolph Ziggler for his United States Championship Match against John Morrison and was jeered. A small “Eddie” chant broke out during the match.

— After losing on SmackDown, Daniel Bryan was left frustrated over Sin Cara shenanigans and not having won many matches since Money in the Bank. He vents his frustrations in the following video.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • alex delarge

    i LOLed hard at that comment^ and cm punk blowing a kiss was probaly just to gain some brownie points from the crowd

  • Titan

    Frog splash her

  • Cool Mark Punk

    If your wife beat you then you got some work to do.

  • ironcross

    thats very nice of him, i still cant go more then a month without watching an eddie match, its still very hard to believe he is gone, unlike owen, atleast he got to hold the A grade title before he had to leave


  • The Irish Bulldog

    I met Eddie once in a bar…He changed my life in a good way….Now i know this may seem a litlte out there but when he did a frog splash i saw a little bit of his head looking into the camera at me…I felt like it was his way of telling me that i could be a wrestler….I lived a painful marriage where my wife at the time would beat me up physically and mentally….I seriously still do want to become a wrestler if its possible..Eddie we miss you and if you were still alive you would still take over. I love ya man. I cant wait to see you again

  • Steve

    Blowing kisses is for faggots.

  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    eddie my fav wrestler rip

  • KitKrock

    RIP Chris Benoit
    Eddie Guerrero.

  • Nick

    Man I miss the hell out of Eddie. He is one of my all time favorites and a big inspiration to me. Seriously thanks punk I am happy to know that todays generation hasn’t forgotten about him.

  • Superman

    Was there it was a great show el paso really still loves Eddie and he will never be forgotten thank you cm punk

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    The video is on the WWE site… After seeing that I didn’t even bother to watch because it is obviously just a work for the story. Kind of wish they would get rid of this thing trying to make wrestling seem real, everyone with a brain realizes it is scripted entertainment but at the same time it does make things more interesting.