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CM Punk on His Place In WWE History, Facing Ryback, More

– WWE Champion CM Punk did a media call this week to promote WWE ’13, his new WWE DVD and the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Here are some highlights courtesy of Slam Wrestling:

Facing Ryback at Hell In a Cell:
“We don’t know what kind of a motor he’s got either, you know. Most of his matches he’s had have been like, what, a couple of minutes. I’m a marathon runner. We’re going to get him on his bike to see if he can survive.”

His Marvel Comics debut on November 21st:
“It was cool. Comic books and pro wrestling — and music, I guess — have always been the things I’ve been into. So obviously to do the pro wrestling thing, it’s been my career, and now to write for Marvel Comics, though it was just an intro. But we’re working on other stuff, future projects. It’s pretty cool. A dream come true.”

What he has left to accomplish:
“The WrestleMania main event. That’s all that I’ve got left.”

His place in WWE history:
“I can only hope that history will be kind to me when I look back on my career. I certainly don’t look at it like, ‘Oh, I’m a legend,’ ‘Oh, I’m this, which means I’m going to be that.’ I just kind of do my job, I’m confident, obviously, that I know what I’m doing. My fingers are on the pulse of what the people want. When it’s all said and done and I can look back on my career, hopefully people will remember me fondly.”

  • Enigma

    the more he tries to be heel, the more i like him….CM Punk Rocks!!!

  • simon07

    I doubt it xXx. Winning the rumble doesn’t mean you get to main event Wrestlemania anymore apparently. Just ask Sheamus.

  • xXx

    well maybe winning the rumble can lead to him maineventing a wm?

  • Cboz78

    He means by “Main Event” is close the show, like Rock/Cena did this year.

  • Buttercastle

    Well you can’t exactly win it if you are the champ already. One can assume he doesn’t mean to lose the title just to give himself the chance to participate in the RR.

  • sam

    im taking by this then he doesnt want to win the rumble?

  • Mohi

    Oh they will. definitely. you were the main reason wrestling interest revived back in 2011 because of your promo. And even though i dont watch wrestling regularly, i try to keep in touch whats going on nowadays.
    Thank you.