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CM Punk Posts First Tweet in Weeks, New HHH Action Figure, Dreamer in New Movie

– Mattel is debuting a new Triple H COO action figure, complete with corporate suit and tie, for a limited time exclusively at Toys ‘R Us.

– Tommy Dreamer will also be starring in the new horror movie “Self Storage” alongside TNA Knockout Rosita and well known actor Eric Roberts.

– CM Punk for the first time in nearly two weeks since his heel turn on Raw 1000 took to his Twitter account to address his followers. Punk sent out several tweets Friday covering the Olympics and recognizing Dory Funk, Jr. attending Friday’s WWE Raw house show in Jacksonville, Fla. Punk tweeted: “Legend Dory Funk Jr. In the house in Jacksonville FL tonight. Always great to see him. Great crowd too.”

  • Legend Killer

    Everything that Punk said in that promo with Jerry i agreed with completely. Can’t hate on the truth!

  • Chuva

    Why is it a “heel turn”, just cause he turned on Rock? I’m sick of shit like that. Go against Rock, and you’re heel. Why? Cause he graces TV every 8 months, spouts the same tired catch phrases, then runs off to make movies? Screw that.

    And all this NWO talk… puke, that happens, and I stop watching again.

  • ant

    Lawler’s black-and-white comments never leave any room for audience interpretation. it’s dumb the way he decides if they’re “doing what they have to do” or if they’ve “turned their backs on the WWE universe” based on if they are written down to be a face or a heel. if Cena had leveled the Rock, Lawler would have applauded. he totally ruins any slow heel turn by declaring it right away. the man needs some subtlety. let the situation develop on its own.

    i miss the days when promotions let the wrestlers tell the stories. now they just have the announcers do all the exposition.

  • CC

    Remember when WWE tried to turn HBK heel when he was feuding with Hogan? The crowds just didnt buy it.
    Much in the same way that the crowds are always still behind Jericho, with only the kids and mothers hating on him.
    I still dont see this as a full on heel turn anyway cause what he said made 100% sense, and even JR agreed with what Punk said (showing how idiotic Lawlers comments were).
    At no point did Lawler say Cena had turned his back on the fans when he was slagging off the Rock. Or that the Rock had turned his back on the fans when he attacked Cena.
    Lawler should be the one who turns heel out of this angle quite frankly as he makes a lousy face.

  • Devil_Rising

    It’s because WWE is trying to TURN him heel so that that unlike the Rock/Cena feud, Rock is the clear face this time, and gets all the cheers. You KNOW Vince doesn’t like to have grey area characters, he likes the “Good Guy vs. Bad Guy” dynamic. The one part of him, I guess, that’s still old school.

    But Punk is going to be over with some fans no matter what he does. He was still getting chants and cheers sometimes even when he was doing the Straight Edge Society and then the stupid New Nexus thing (only stupid because I thought Nexus was kind of dumb to begin with…don’t even get me started with the Corre).

    WWE should just let it play out as it will. Everything Punk says about the WWE championship is true. His trashing the Rock, much like Cena before him, is silly. But it’s to build heat. And quite frankly, Punk can build heat far better than Cena could on his worst day.

  • Apacaveli

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I Smell a nWo 2.O Reunion Coming Courtesy Of C.M.Punk And Kevin Nash They Gonna Get The Band Back Together But This Time Punk Will Be The Leader And The Voice Of The New New New New World Order Bruthers…….

  • Bobobobobo

    ^ I’d still like him if he gave the GTS to a kid in all of his Cena gear

  • PinkSinCara

    Is anyone else not buying this supposed heel turn? He attacks Rock, makes a “dramatic” face at the camera, and all of a sudden he’s the bad guy. The fans in the arena are still cheering him for being the anti-hero. Punk better start acting like a real heel. He should grab a kid from the front row and give him the GTS