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CM Punk Praises Zack Ryder for His New Video Blog, Triple H News

– Triple H is advertised for another Walmart appearance to sign copies of The Chaperone DVD. Triple H will be at the Walmart on Main Avenue in Norwalk, CT on Sunday, March 13th at 11am. The signing is limited to the first 300 DVD purchasers.

– RAW Superstar Zack Ryder has posted the third episode of his “Z! True Long Island Story” video blogs on YouTube, embedded below.

CM Punk gave props to Ryder for his work with the following message on Twitter: “It’s embarrassing that WWE writers don’t have @ZackRyder on raw more. They’re dropping the ball. Go watch his YouTube videos. ENTERTAINMENT”

You can watch Ryder’s new video blow below:

  • Jaime Arcus

    Out of all the undercard wrestlers that they arent using, they have dropped the ball on Ryder, He has the talent that not many so wrestlers have. He is a good wrestler, Very Athletic, Can High Fly, Very good on the mic and he plays his gimmick very well, He presents himself well,


    I think zack ryder should be on raw more, he has an interesting character. I could see him being US champ. Nothing wrong with his gimmick for real, he has good mic skills, and both his finishers are cool as well.

  • CM Mark

    I think Punk’s statement was a little bit of pity and LOT of sarcasm.

  • mj

    I haven’t been on raw in a long long time lol i lost it! He needs to be on raw more!

  • GOKU

    Loved The Buzz Lightyear Interview, HAHAHA!!!

  • Zack Ryder is easily my favorite wrestler of all time. I wish he woulda stuck with the hybrid rights. though, because they were yet another unique part of his attire. Either way, Zack is one of the most talented guys in and out of the ring. He’s being wasted more than anyone on the roster right now. He and William Regal are two of the most underutilized guys in wrestling. WWE is missing out on big oppurtunities with those two. It’s a damn shame. WWE could easily go pay The Situation to actually come in and do a program with Ryder for Wrestlemania publicity.

  • adam

    zach ryder is hilarious he should be on the main roster alot more. I think to save both his and curt hawkins careers they should reunite them as a team. BUt not as the rated r entourage. But as a team more like morison and miz were they are there own charchters but a team. I think they could both be good together again. Also there both really good in the ring and right now they dont use them at all. Who knows it could jump start both of there careers like it did for morrison and miz. Not saying either of them is that good right now but they could be.

  • CC

    that video was genuinely funny.
    even Jericho put in a secondary intro to his book by Zack because he though what he said was funny.
    they should give him more screen time and see how he develops.

  • bloodstone

    really? Zack would be great if they gave him a better gimmick he has good mic skills it’s seems wwe for some reason are holding him back