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CM Punk Responds to Fan Incident at Airport

– Earlier this morning reports circulated that an there was an incident at the St. Louis airport between CM Punk and a fan. Punk refused to sign an autograph for the fan, who was said to have been rude which led to Punk throwing a fan’s autograph book in the trash, which prompted airport police to intervene. Punk responded to the incident on his Twitter, stating that the fan exhibited “unacceptable behavior.”

“One person ruins it for everybody. Sorry y’all,” Punk wrote. ” This is for all the respectful fans I saw at the airport. Right on. Thanks.”

When a fan implied that he may be getting a big head, Punk replied, “Nah. Just don’t like rude people.”

  • Punk Sucks

    Punk doesnt like rude people…..

    Hmm, must really fucking hate himself then

  • grizz

    Punk is a JERK! He forgets who made it possible for him to even have a job. The fans you ass hole!

  • Devil_Rising

    How is it having a big head to not like some rude assclown demanding your autograph, instead of asking politely?

  • SuperCena < Divorce Papers

    Punk’s not getting big in the head at all. He’s always been that way. He said it himself on Colt Cabana’s podcast when he was the guest.