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CM Punk Reveals Where He’ll Be Tonight, Comments On Health Following MITB

After capturing the WWE Championship last night at Money in the Bank, CM Punk indicated this afternoon on Twitter that he will be attending tonight’s Chicago Cubs vs. Philadelphia Phillies game at Wrigley Field. The game begins at 8:05 p.m.

In the meantime, Monday Night Raw will take place 200 miles away at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. wrote the following regarding fallout from the event: “Whatever lies ahead, it will all happen on a permanently altered WWE landscape with no CM Punk, no WWE Championship, and perhaps no John Cena – a vision that none might have believed they’d ever, ever see.”

Punk also commented on his health following last night’s grueling match, which lasted approximately 34 minutes.

He wrote, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been this physically spent after a match. Yet, at the gym with Ace and Colt Cabana…Cubs/Phillies later!”

  • CM Mark

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  • CM Mark

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  • Unique

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  • misfit del rio

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  • edo.risk

    Hell yeah to Jon!
    It would be awsome to see Punk standing singing in the Ball Park with the title in his shoulder. That can be really great. Very differet.

    That can be the angle, him “making differet public appereance” all over the US until he gets “bored” or WWE gives him a “prooer” deal.

  • CM Mark

    There you go thinking again little buddy. Didn’t I tell you not to do so much of that. You’re gonna hurt yourself.

    WAY TO PUNK, take some time off, come back at WM as the uncrowned champion. I have D. Bryan and his WHC run to keep my occupied until then.

  • Devil_Rising

    It’s a long overdue event that they get rid of that retarded looking belt anyway…it was ALWAYS a disgrace.

  • Valo487

    @White mark, that would be awesome to see. I’m sad that it won’t actually happen.

  • White mark

    Second City Saints and Kings Of Wrestling potentially joining Wwe. Heres hoping and if they do theres two new tag teams who actually have chemistry with each other. Push The Usos and hire Generation Me and fire Otunga and bring in Husky Harris to team with Henoing and we could have the making of a great tag team division

  • Bill

    What if Christian shows up on Raw & cuts a promo on how he was being screwed over to being the “top guy” in the WWE? I still think Punk will be on Raw, & I hope he starts using the old Attitude Era Title.

  • JIR

    would be great if he acknowledged the WWE Internet Championship as the top tittle in the WWE. This way they get a championship and Zach Ryder gets some camera time

  • misfit del rio

    all you guys that think its legit that punk left with the wwe title to quote the miz really? Really! Really??, do you think vince would ever allow someone to walk out of his company with his world title? If he fucked over bret ( who was probably the most loyal guy (besides michaels and taker) he ever had) when he gave him his word he’s relinquish the belt on raw after suvivor series. Its a work it has been since the begining, and. Great on at that, congrats to vince, punk, johny ace and me thinks hunter.

  • d

    i believe he just did that afew days ago

  • simon07

    I could see Christian being on Raw tonight to gloat about being the World champ and the best in WWE and then losing the title to one of the MITB winners.

  • Tom R.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they do have a tourney for a new belt and a new champ is crowned at the next PPV and Punk runs in and beats that champ down and takes both belts.

  • Spot Fest

    Of course, this could all just be a CM-swerve. Other reports said he was advertised to be at Raw tonight. With today’s technology/social media, I wouldn’t be surprised if Punk was there to see Cena get fired and rub it in everyone’s face, and have something happen that would “finish off” the storyline.

  • Jon

    I can see him singing take me out to the ball game

  • CC

    Lets face reality though, there is absolutely nothing from stopping Vince either just bringing out a new version of the belt and saying that there will be some sort of tourny for the belt (its not like that horrible bling belt was the real deal anyway), or just create a new world title with a different name.

    However this storyline pans out, two facts we all know are that there will be a heavyweight title on RAW again, even if it means that like the womens & tag titles, the title will be shared between brands, and that Cena will not actually be fired.

  • V-R-A

    Man this is so sweet, can’t wait to see a MNR w/o a WWE Championship. Kudos Punk, kudos.