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CM Punk Rips Fan at Australian Show with “Homophobic Slur”


  • LMAO

    Bloodstone, I am now labelling you a thorough Mark. The kid slapping incident and this one are PLANNED EVENTS. CM Punk was TOLD to go out there and rile those fans up, it’s his job, and he does it well. If you can’t see that CM Punk is bringing a dying art back to professional wrestling, you need to go back to watching your John Cena DVD’s and continue to imagine life is all roses and devoid of homophobic slurs.

    Just so you know, the kid he was daring to slap him was a plant. Considering no huge cloud of security was there to pounce on the guy, I’d 100% assume that this guy was a plant as well.



    my name says it all

  • venom

    I’m surprised no old lady slapped Punk. lol.

  • Aaron

    why does no one care he makes fun of the man’s fohawk…..

  • kammy

    is it me or Does Punk look a bit like freddy mercury? 0.o

  • Stephen

    Dude bloodstone my sisters arm got brooke by bret heart back in the day his adreniline was pumping so much he grabed my 11 year old sisters arm a little bit to hard sorry shit happends

  • BlackSun

    Go Punk! Haha mustache…sick!!! :p
    Those guys probably deserved it…..

  • VenomEX


  • Devil_Rising

    CM Punk is a stand up guy in real life. Anyone slamming him the person, not him the character, is a pathetic mark, plain and simple.

    And if you really want to complain, why not go back and reminisce about some of the things heels called fans in ECW. Like, I don’t know, the Dudleys?

  • Bill

    Plus, this site is to talk about wrestling, not about personal values & children. Maybe you guys were joking, but let’s move on. The site is, & nothing else….(except MMA).

  • Bill

    @bloodstone, you’re absolutely right about what he did to that kid. I never knew that, but it doesn’t have anything to do with this article. But let’s be honest, 99% of people are bad in entertainment, sports, etc. Don’t expect everyone to be a saint. Besides, the kid may have gotten a little too into the show(thought Punk is truly like his character) & yelled at him. Maybe Punk was trying to stay in character for the show, but either way, if what you say is true, then that was surely bad. I never even said I was fine with him tormenting childern. No one should torment children no matter what they say or do. Bloodstone makes a good point, but this is not the place for it. CC, don’t say that about kids. Freakzilla, I agree with what you say, & CM Mark, kids deserve to see WWE, too. We were all kids watching Austin & Rock & such, so kids today want to watch Cena & Orton. I don’t want to sound like a preacher, but this is all true.

  • Soulshroude

    Always approve of homo-slurs. Its not a phobia, damnit. Just because we don’t like queers. We don’t fear queers, we just don’t like them.

  • kurt angle

    Cm punk is and fucking asshole

  • Chris



    cm punk is the fuckin man

  • Freakzilla

    @ bloodstone. What does that have to do with this current article? Nothing at all. You get caught out and drag up old news which I reiterate has nothing to do with this article nor did you make that clear in your original post. Thats ok, keep digging if you like, I suggest you put the shovel away and use your hands, you’ll love longer. 😉

  • al

    haha, is your name crocodile dundee?

  • IchiroVader

    cm punk approves of hunting. he’s not a homo.

  • CM Mark

    Kick all the little kids out. Then maybe we can have some REAL entertainment.

  • bloodstone

    @ CC Stephen bill im talking about the little kid he dared to slap him a few months back he had the kid so freaked out he was crying and punk try to have the kid kicked out of the building and your fine with that really? guess you don’t have kids .

  • rko

    CM Punk is my hero.

  • Stephen

    Bloodstone its called wrestling all part of the show or are u 10 years old again and think wrestling is real

  • Jbrd

    “Nice frohawk you homo”

  • Rob

    Oh no… someone called another person a homo… what ever are we gonna do now…

  • CC

    @Bloodstone. What kids do you know with deep voices like the guys Punk was arguing with?
    Must be some freaky fucking kids where you live.

  • CM Mark

    Yeah Punk, lose the ‘tache.

  • John

    That mustache is atrocious. Punk looks like a child molester.

  • CM PUNK is my Hero ! ! !

  • Bill

    @bloodstone, it wasn’t a kid. It was an adult. If it was a kid, then that would make Punk a pathetic bastard. That guy probably got a little too into the show or something & Punk was probably trying to keep his character as a heel & said more than he needed to.

  • bloodstone

    punk is a dickhead he picks on a little kid and most of you sheep thinks it’s ok now he name calling yeah a real stand up guy im going to laugh my ass off when he messes with the wrong person and gets his ass kicked it’s a matter of time

  • Bill

    Ha! Hilarious………

  • Snark Mark

    I never approve of homophobic slurs. As far as slurs go, that one is the least offensive, if one can judge that kinda thing. What I do approve of, killer staches.

  • Andy

    Disagree with the ‘Homo’ remark but he is fucking awesome. He talks a good talk!

  • GreasyRabbit75

    CM Punk is fucking awesome. I repeat, CM Punk is fucking awesome.