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CM Punk Rips International Star, Greatest Entrances, Batista Featured

– Batista is featured in the “Superstar Spotlight” on the home page of

– At yesterday’s Raw live event in Nottingham, CM Punk ripped Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Lee Camp. Punk then gave props to Camp on his Twitter, writing, “Lee Camp! What a good sport!” Footage from the event is embedded below.

– WWE published an article looking at the 15 greatest superstar entrances. The Undertaker ranked highest, followed by Triple H, Chris Jericho and Kane. Hulk Hogan rounded out the top 5. The ring entrances for Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Glacier, Gangrel, Alberto Del Rio and The Ultimate Warrior are also featured.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Taker, no doubt about it. #1 indeed. Triple H usually has cool entrances at WrestleMania. Whether it’s Motorhead playing live, him throwing the sledgehammer through glass at WM25, the King of Kings intro at WM22 or coming out to “For Whom The Bell Tolls” last year with the skull mask and crown, I’ve always loved Triple H’s entrances.

    Kane’s a great one. Gangrel’s a good one too. One of my all-time favorites though was Sting’s entrance at Starrcade ’97. The spoken-word intro by the kid (totally ripping off The Crow lol), to the actual music with the lightning effects and his overall look and outfit. That was definitely a cool entrance. Too bad the match was dogshit.

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    Glacier was awesome.

  • d2

    Del Rio ? really he’s just copying JBL and Eddie Guerrero

  • Shawn O B

    cant forget the Boogyman’s and the lingering red smoke.

  • DaveyH

    Gangrel was always the best entrance in my opinion

  • Jimbob

    Trust me I’m from Nottingham and lee camp is no international star, just a goalkeeper for Nottingham forest

  • SYM

    What about X-Pacs entrance?