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CM Punk Scheduled for Raw on Monday, Roddy Piper Appearance

– Roddy Piper will appear on Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour tonight at 8PM ET. You can email your questions to or call in with your questions at (323) 792-2992.

– CM Punk is not expected to miss any television time according to Punk is schedule for this Monday’s Raw and for each week going forward, although he won’t bee wrestling for a few weeks. WWE plans to play out the injury in storyline fashion in the coming weeks. Talk of putting CM Punk in a wheelchair has been discussed.

  • Vic

    SMH what a bunch of bandwagon CM Punk fans.

  • Lol fuck yal. But he is though. lmao and D-Bryan behind him but not too far. In my opinion. Then its Aj Styles nigga. YEA.

  • Mark

    @heyman guy errrr Hulk hogan in 1993 didnt defend the belt from when he won it at mania to king of the ring against yokozuna!!!

  • krrra

    best in the wheel…..chair!!!

  • a heyman guy

    ok….so the rule book just gets thrown out?? when does he get stripped? 30 days after survivor series? isnt he supposed to defend once every 30?

  • Jeff

    @Jake Way to catch that LOL

  • Mark

    damn right hes the only reason i still watch WWE , if he had left so would have I

  • Jake

    Honey Cm Punk is the head of the hive so prepare to feel his sting

  • Sammo

    “you’re” the best on the world… But yeah.

  • Apacaveli

    heal up cm punk wwe needs ya because your the best in the world.