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Is CM Punk Too Small To Face Brock Lesnar?, Dolph Ziggler On Rock Comment

— CM Punk has been mentioned as a potential opponent for Brock Lesnar but there is concern among WWE officials as to whether it would be an equal match-up due to their difference in size. Lesnar is seen as a “beast” whereas Punk is considered relatively skinny for a top level WWE Superstar. Furthermore, management wants Lesnar’s programs to be box office bonanzas and Punk is seen at best fifth in the pecking order, behind The Rock, John Cena, Triple H and Undertaker. There is also concern over Punk’s appearance backstage; he has been described as walking around looking like he just walked out of a car accident. Officials notice this as he often walks around backstage with a heat pack or an ice pack in tow and generally looks beaten and battered.

— Dolph Ziggler appeared to take a passive aggressive shot at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson over The Great One’s limited schedule with WWE last week via Twitter. A user wrote to the WWE Superstar, “Couldn’t decide which flexforce WWE figure to buy between your action figure and @therock ‘s.. chose the rock in the end!” Ziggler responded, “Typical, just make sure you only play with it 4-5 times a year….” Ziggler addressed his remarks gaining attention on wrestling news websites.

“glad my #ATH session where i answer 200 questions while on a treadmill took 1 of my 100 jokes & made it “news” #getoverit,” Ziggler wrote. He added in a separate post that he thought his comment was pretty funny and those upset should get a sense of humor.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • gouki9000

    oh yeah have u forgotten about Eddie Guerrero Vs Brock Lesnar.

  • gouki9000

    what about Brock and RVD @ king of the ring. RVD was smaller then.

  • BrockLesnarF5

    That is just stupid I was liking the Kevin Nash and cm punk storyline Brock is smaller than Nash so why not.Cena gets everything it’s just stupid the thing about punk he always gets up and makes it intense with his trash talking.he could have a psychological advantage with Brock lesnar

  • heyfit

    Brick Lesnar maybe bigger than Punk, but his penis is smaller than Punk’s.

  • rko

    hbk…that’s all I gotta say.

  • 360degrees

    Does anyone else think that Vince and HHH are behind these CM Punk, Mark henry matches honestly I think HHH and Vince can’t stand that Punk is champ but because it pleases the fans they’ve kept as champ but buy making him take all these extra bumps from jericho and Henry they are trying to put him of being at the top because of the physicality involved if i’m right then I could easily see a Lesnar VS Punk and another match where Punk takes more than his fair share of punishment

  • Davey

    This whole idea of Punk being too small seems a little silly when they are currently having him work a series of matches on Raw with Mark Henry

  • hjkhjk

    They’ve been having the big vs little guy match thing forever! Just look at Shawn Michaels! This sounds like more dirtshit bs

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Punk is deceptively strong for his size, does anybody remember when he gave Umaga (RIP) a GTS? I didn’t think he’d be able to do it, but he made it look easy. Here it is.

  • voice of reason

    @ devil rising well said i could never add anything else to that you put your point across eloquently.

  • xXx

    top five at best?? the top one that the article stated is leaving, cena fine, he’s up there with punk but hunter and taker are, like what i said in some other article, are an ‘on occasion’ commodity. and yeah, did they forget that punk feuded with 3 out of those 4? (excluding dwayne)

  • Tyler

    Is CM Punk too small to face Brock Lesnar did they say that to Rey Mysterio when he faced the big show or Kane or did they say that when Rey became world champion no so that’s the most stupid title

  • shorty

    do not really like dolph zigglers comments regarding the rock can dolph ziggler be any more disrespectful

  • Flip

    They did Rey Mysterio and Big Show matches over and over and Punk and Lesnar is too much of a size difference?

  • ICE

    lesnar vs eddie was a good feud and a great match at no way out lesnar works pretty well with smaller guys as long as they know what theyre doing in the ring

  • Monty

    They are athletes and its good to see that Punk is taking proper care of himself. All trainers say to put ice or heat on depending on the injury. Putting ice on can prevent niggles getting more serious. Maybe if the other wrestlers looked after themselves properly they wouldnt be out injured all the time.

  • Ant

    @360degrees..hmmm u just gave me an idea BROCK LESNAR VS MARK HENRY i would love to see henry get an F5

  • scooter

    @Devil_Rising and for the record most of those guys wear lifts I’m 5’7 and Reys way shorter than me when he’s not in his gear and shawns about the same height as me. I’m pretty sure Punk doesn’t wear lifts but I might be wrong.

  • 360degrees

    Brock and Punk are both legitimate wrestlers so should make for a pretty good match if Lesnars in shape WWE are saying this after just putting Punk in a match with a guy who’s probably far stronger than Lesnar in Mark Henry now thats a beast


    CM Punk doesnt use painkillers so if using ice packs and heat packs to help the pain go away shouldnt be a big f’n deal

  • Devil_Rising


    No offense intended here…but if you honestly believe what you typed, you’re a major mark. Lesnar is NOT that big of a “badass”. Why? Because he used to be jacked? Because he was in the UFC and was UFC Champ for awhile? So what? To be completely honest with you, while I’m sure most of those UFC fighters are legitimately tough, UFC fans seem to have this notion that they “could beat anybody” and really are “the best fighters on earth”, which is a bullshit tagline UFC uses to sell people on their fights in the first place.

    And for another thing, half the time, I feel like UFC, these days, is just as “fake” in it’s own ways as pro wrestling. Lesnar may have excelled in the MMA world, but that does not mean that he could manhandle whoever he wanted in the WWE lockeroom. For one thing, CM Punk studied legit martial arts as a kid and teen, before he got into wrestling, so he’s got a better background than training in a few select techniques (which is all modern MMA fighters do now usually), and for another, size is meaningless and any true martial artist will tell you this. Punk is a scrappy dude, and he’s got legitimate martial arts and technical wrestling chops. Brock is bigger and stronger, but Punk is faster, more agile, and I’m willing to bet, more aggressive. If it came down to a legit fight between the two, and not a scripted wrestling match, I’d take a “little” scrapper like Punk over a beefed up moron like Brock most days.

    But even just in wrestling terms….are you serious? Not believable? Rey Mysterio was World Heavyweight Champion, he’s 5’6″. Bret Hart was 6’1″. HBK, 6’1″. Ricky Steamboat, 5’10” (former NWA WHC). Rick Flair, 6’1″. Sting, 6’2″. Eddie Guerrero, 5’8″. Taz, 5’8″ (former ECW WHC). Rob Van Dam, 6’0″. Chris Benoit, 5’11”. Chris Jericho, 6’0″. Christian, 6’1″. Randy Savage, 6’2″. The Miz, 6’2″ (and less “built” than Punk).

    CM Punk is 6’2″, taller than a LOT of those guys, and 218 pounds. Which means he’s lean, and most of it is muscle. Many of those other guys did steroids (including Brock I’m sure), at some point in their career to get bigger. Punk never has. That’s his natural body, and WWE should be proud of that. The thinking that “he’s too small to believably fight Lesnar” is pretty ignorant, and quite frankly reeks of Vince McMahon’s thinking.

  • jim

    i will compare this to football..a football player will say.if you arent hurting after the game then you didnt give it your all.well like pro wrestling if you arent limping and walking around hurt after a match then you didnt give it your all.maybe thats what it is.the wwe is so full of lack luster guys right now that they think if you are walking around hurting then it must be a bad thing.they must be used to the under achievers walking around fresh after a match of not giving it their all

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Many said Shawn and Bret were too small to be heavyweight contenders, look how that turned out.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Lesnar wrestled Mysterio who’s way smaller then Punk

  • Shawn

    As interesting as that match (Punk / Lesnar) might be, it’s just not believable. I’m not saying Punk isn’t a badass, because he is. But let’s be real: in an actual fight, Lesnar would absolutely destroy Punk. No contest. Punk would get a kick or two in here or there, and then Lesnar would rip his head off. Yikes! At least Cena looks like he might be able to hold his own for a couple minutes before Brock tore him apart. The only guy listed that might have had a chance is Undertaker…. but that was 15 years ago. ‘Taker is a true badass, and a tough SOB to boot! But even in his prime, I don’t know how long he’d last against a guy like Lesnar. The dude is just scary.

  • loser 77

    i could not agree with you more scooter well said

  • Raziel

    Brock feuded with crusierweights, no way in hell is Punk too small.

  • poko

    As I said after the three way match with Cena and Del Rio, Punk takes too many of the big bumps. That’s not something you want your champion to keep doing on a continual basis, because you want the guy with the belt to be out there for every show. You could tell that suplex from Jericho off the ring apron to the floor really hurt Punk, and then the next night they had him take a savage beating from Mark Henry? When Henry slammed Punk on the floor, I thought Punk was going to throw up. The WWE needs to monitor the health status of it’s performers more, and let them heal up between bumps.

    Or, better yet, let Punk’s opponents take some of the big risks. He’s the champion, after all.

  • scooter

    I guess when rey mysterio beats guys like big show and mark henry it’s because he’s 6 foot 8 290 pounds?
    and for the record punk is the number 2 guy because he and cena the only one thats there full time not hating just stating the facts!

  • CM Mark

    I highly doubt Lesnar is top on Punk’s list of people he would love to work with either. As far as walking around beat up backstage, well that’s what happens when you actually work the house shows unlike the top guys in the “pecking” order. Also, HHH needs to decide if he’s a wrestler or a suit and get out of the way for the younger guys.

  • Bamboozle

    They complain about Punk being “too skinny” to wrestle Brock Lesnar, yet they let Maria Menounos repeatedly pin their Diva’s champion.

  • whocares

    Well punk is smaller than hbk, and Brock is bigger, stronger, and faster than most of the roster. At least he was when he left wwe. We will see if he has lost a step.
    I remember reading though, that all the former mat wrestlers would engage in shoot matches when they were off. Kurt and Sheldon benjimen were both able to pin Brock. Its up to wwe t decide if they want him to lose or not.
    More importantly though, is there a memo up at wwe HQ that says “bonanza”?

  • WeAreOne

    Yeah because it’s so not normal to feel a little beaten up after being in a match.

  • WWEPhenom

    @Jake, Unlike the forth? You Vagina!

  • Best In The World

    Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk would be a great match either way

  • CC

    I think some people seem to be forgetting when Punk was in a feud with Undertaker. Are they trying to say Brock is more of a Beast than the one guy who has consistantly been one of WWEs biggest tough guys.

  • John

    The whole smaller arguement is BS. Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and Chris Jericho for instance were all guys around Punk’s size or smaller that made it huge and took down bigger guys.

  • shawn

    Mysterio was too small going against Khali, even though the match wasn’t huge they did advertise it, therefore it was ok’d by the WWE. i dont see the problem with Punk and Lesnar except for the fact that on the Punk/Jericho feud Chris Jericho got a little personal with Punk, so Punk would look like a lowlife hypocrite if he were to get controversial by bringing up shit from Brocks life. i think they’ll wrestle eventually, but without much of a interesting feud. shit, i dont know what Brocks character is like now though.maybe not much on words or the opposite.

  • Jake

    Maybe he walks around the back broken because he wrestle more than 3 of those names and can carry a match unlike the 4th, best in the world baby.

  • Bill

    Their differences in appearance are exactly why a feud between them would be awesome! A simple, scruffy, wise-guy vs. a jacked, sculpted, powerhouse makes for a great feud!

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    Kurt Angle is small and he beat Brock Lesnar! lol but i think WWE is refereeing to punk being to skinny, its funny that WWE mention all their top stars as The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, and John Cena, 3 of those guys don’t even wrestle that much. lol WWE you need more top stars, Cena can’t do it alone!

  • Greg

    The superstars go harder on Punk because hes a skinny guy that topped 30 other dudes for the top spot, all those bulky guys who think they should of been on top for their built frames.

  • hbk fan

    has anyone heard of hbk he wrestled nash taker vader sid all while he was world champ and he was way smaller than them just saying

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    i skip most of punks ‘face’ promos, put him back to being heel again! he was wasted in nexus, SES will be my favourite of punk for time to come

  • heyfit

    but ziggler, iwc has no sense of humor, only time they are funny is when they are saying the rock is great and a legend, damn that one gets me all the time.
    and punks title reign has hardly been good, he only has the title because of cena-rock. even though punk tried, he still cant be seen higher than cena lolll

    wow there u go, i hated on punk, rock and hyped cena, go for it hatersss

  • Lord KGM

    Oh yeah CM Punk is clearly not liking his new persona. Change him back to the controversial Punk, the one ppl hated and loved to hate. WWE always ruins a good thing.

  • 1919dpg

    you can have lesnar beat punk cleanly and still get punk massively over.
    they can have brock give punk a savage beating and punk just refuses to give up and comes back and back for more. kind of like austin vs bret.

  • 1919dpg

    ”walks around backstage with a heat pack or an ice pack in tow and generally looks beaten and battered.”

    they do realize they r in the wrestling business right?? they can call it sports entertainment all they want but at the end of the day their wrestling! which fucking hurts…. punk is also a workhorse who usually gives it his all in his matches.

  • Valo487

    I don’t see why that’s a problem? If Punk’s smaller it makes him a major underdog, and if he holds his own he looks great. As long as Lesnar doesn’t squash him and Punk is treated as a legitimate contender they can work that into the psychology of the match.

  • Lord KGM

    Ziggler is the man! Ppl without a sense of humor have no life. Put $$ on that.

  • Dave

    Better walking around with an ice pack than walking around up to his eyeballs on painkillers to perform.

  • Little Jimmy

    It’s not like he’s Hornswoggle…