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CM Punk and Steve Austin Go Back and Forth on Twitter This Afternoon

– CM Punk and Steve Austin got fans riled up on Twitter this afternoon after the two went back and forth with some friendly banter.

Austin wrote to Zack Ryder that he shouldn’t put a lime in a beer after Ryder talked about drinking Bud Light Lime. Punk replied that the lime is used “to make it not taste like piss” and that beer is “still poison.”

Austin replied with the following remark: “you oughta mind your own business…stay focused on Nash and leave the beer drinking to me…Punk.”

Punk replied to Austin with: “focus is my middle name…Steven.”

Austin then ended the conversation with the following: “my middle name is Whoop Ass…now go about your business before you step in a big pile of what did I get myself into now??”

  • StudDog

    Bastion Boogeyman: What kinda name is that, Go eat your worms Marty.

  • Rob

    Hahaha, Punk called him Steven lol

  • Seriously

    I’d rather see The Rock vs. CM Punk than Rock vs. Cena or CM Punk vs. HHH (this is very likely)

  • Kosher4Cabana

    As much as I’d love to see Steve wrestle again, his injuries caught up with him years ago. It’s just like what happened to Edge, if he continued to wrestle or maybe even wrestles one more match, he’d be in a wheelchair the rest of his life

  • tombstone1108

    ^ ^ ^
    I think your wrong. I would love to see Stone Cold in the ring again and no I do not think he would look old. Think the Rocks gonna look old?

  • poko

    Does anyone really want to see Stone Cold in the ring for what should be a long match? He wasn’t the greatest wrestler to begin with, and after years away it wouldn’t be pretty. He would almost assuredly looks slow and old for 99% of the match before hitting a Stunner for the win.

    I’m not that interested. Besides, it could only hurt Punk’s career, and the WWE should be trying to protect that.

  • StudDog

    Venom: LOL picked on you alot but must admit I do like that idea. Would love to see orton get stunned.

  • StudDog

    Date: Aug 26, 2011 at 1:13 AM : I have to agree. Seems I remember a match years ago with Austin vs Undertaker and they were both faces. This was before the undertaker turned heel and had the minions.

  • venom

    I think The Viper vs The Rattle snake would be better.

  • StudDog

    I like Punk but just dont think he is up too Austins caliber. Austin I dont think would drop a match to him right now, He has too keep up his tuff guy image for the movies, hate to see Punk get buried. Do think that Punk has become a little concieted since all the attention from the promo tho.

  • Kam

    Honestly people. A punk austin match cant be as good as a rock cena match. Have ull forgotten austin condition. ON a good day austin can prolly take light bumps.(light bumps= pretty much wat he did n the ring 4 tough enough) i mean punk austin at best can satisfy at a confintation. But a match, ull be disappointed lik bret vs vince at WM. Rock isnt limited, hell rock take a decent piledriver or 2.

  • venom

    I don’t think Austin and Rock would return to the ring at the same night. I hope I’m wrong.

  • DaFinalC

    Realistically speaking, its not fair to Austin or Punk. Stone Cold would need a lot of ring time to work the rust off. Plus, with the neck and time away from the ring, he wont be wrestling at 100%. Punk is the best on the mic right now, but Austin is the best of all time. It was good to read the tweets both wrestlers put on. I would definetly love to see Austin and Punk have at it on Raw.

  • Lash Leroux

    how would Punk know if Beer tastes like piss or not? kinda odd he knows what Piss tastes like though.

  • drizzt

    I have to thank punk because he has brought out the best in Cena, now in corp would get rid of Cena’s corny promos.

  • ohdear

    Here’s an idea guys. Hows about we stop taking sides or try to work out who’d be the face in a match with these 2 and hope we get a WRESTLER vs WRESTLER match. Casual fans aren’t all polarised dumbasses like so many of you make out, they have the capacity to cheer both guys becuase both guys are great in their own way, that’s why face vs face match usually work. Just look at the Cena/Rock feud. Who’s the heel? Is it Rocky? If so why do people cheer him?
    I already went on about this in another article but really, we should just abandon the heel/face ideal. Everyone is going to cheer who they like regardless of who the big E want them to cheer. In Chicago they all cheered punk so he won. WM is going to be in Miami so they’ll all cheer Rock and he’ll win. With such a big company, it’s not about the “good guy” winning any more, it’s about playing to the crowd and creating story lines, something WWE is finally starting to work out.

  • Logan


  • Logan

    As much as I won’t to see The Rock wrestle again, I’d rather see 316 vs GTS!

  • John

    Austin>>>>>>>>Punk. I don’t care what the punk marks say Austin did everything Punk did only much much better.

  • Sean Mooney


    Hogan/Warrior, WM6 didn’t need either of them as a heel (same with HBK/Hart, WM 12), so face/face could work if that were the case. However, Punk isn’t even fully a face though. I am not sure where he made the transition from heel to face (storyline-wise). Punk should be the heel in a Punk/Austin feud though because he’s so great at being a heel. That doesn’t mean he still won’t get his cheers, I think the crowd would be 70/30 Austin, if it were to happen at WM 28, with the crowd loving both. I don’t care if Austin and Rock were to come back on the same night, I wouldn’t care that Rock/Cena would be last on the card, I want to see Punk/Austin happen.

  • cakes

    NO HATE, but can some explain to me how a Punk and Stone Cold feud would work now? Punk is over HUGE right now, but Austin is top 3 most over stars in the history of the business. So for the feud to be entertaining, Punk would have to turn heel, which wouldnt work now because of how hot and over is he. Plus, CM punk has been cutting some good/great promos lately, but one of the reasons as to why they are so good is due to the fact that no one in the WWE can cut a decent promo. I think Stone cold would really embarrass and kill punk’s momentum if they were to cut promo’s on eachother. Remember the promo stone cold cut on ric flair in 02-03? Ideally Punk’s straight edge image vs Stone Cold’s ass whooping beer drinking son of a bitch image would be a great feud, but for all you people saying cm punk/stone cold > rock/cena are riding the CM Punk bandwagon a little too far. The Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle feud > over a potential CM Punk vs Stone Cold feud

  • Tom… Just Tom

    I love it!!! This is what you call great verbal exchange. Now if Austin vs Punk happens at WM28, I will definitely be watching.

  • phoenix

    as much as i dislike both of them Rock and Cena are better athletes and would probably put on a better show. But wait neither would put the other one over so ill go with punk n austin.

  • breezy

    how the hell does rock vs cena fail? they are hardworking when they wrestle so this will be bigger then rock vs hogan

  • D2K

    Rock/Cena has fail written all over it. I’ll take Punk/Austin over than any day of the week. I’ll take a CM Punk promo over Rock/Cena for that matter.

  • scsa852k

    Austin vs. Punk >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rock vs. Cena

  • Nicholas G

    Yeah WM28 looks to be getting bigger and bigger each an every week. An we still got what 7 months to go. An something tell me the WWE champion still is going to be on Del-Rio because seems like the type of champion that could have a long run.


    JIR Shut the HELL UP cause some of us still want to see ROCK VS CENA along with AUSTIN VS PUNK

  • thestar

    ROCK amd CENA



    at WM 28?


  • Rucdogg

    hahahaha well my middle name is whoop ass, that never gets old

  • Dhane Benjamin

    All I can say is… YES!!!! The rumors might be true! I’m just getting into CM Punk’s new direction but I’m not sure if “getting him over” should be Straight Edge vs. a beer swigging ICON like Austin. America Loves BEER! Even newbie marks would probably go anti-Punk on this one. Interesting to see this develop.

  • JIR

    I would gladly pay the outrageous PPV prices for any event that has these two going at it please WWE forget Rock and Cena we truly want nay need Punk Vs. Austin just please

  • Tom R.

    Classic Stone Cold Steve Austin.