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CM Punk to Talk with UFC President at Weekend Event, Dana White on Punk Possibly Fighting reports that CM Punk will be attending this weekend’s UFC 181 event in Las Vegas. UFC President Dana White revealed this on The Jim Rome Show and said the two will talk. White said:

“He left the WWE for whatever reason, he’s a huge fan of the UFC, he’s been training for a few years now, and he’s interested in fighting. I’m interested in talking to him. … CM Punk is coming to the show this weekend, and we’re going to talk.”

“You never know (if he can fight) until you get in there. I didn’t know if Brock could fight. I thought Brock was crazy for coming over here. But, the difference with Brock Lesnar is Brock was a world-class wrestler. I don’t know. We’ll see. He’s not a guy that we would do what we did with Brock; we threw Brock right to the wolves. Brock started fighting all the top heavyweights in the world because of his wrestling background. CM Punk, we would bring him in just like any regular fighter, and he would fight a guy with a similar record to his, which is 0-0.”

  • Kristopher Robinson

    IDana has stated multiple times that Punk will only face new fighters. And by the time Brock came to UfC he did have some K1 experience. Atleast punk already has some sort of MMA training for quite awhile. Punk will probably end up like Kimbo Slice lol

  • Kristopher Robinson

    See I am not so sure about Overreeem. Brock was to much of a hot head and didn’t fight with his brain. He fought with his wrestling skills and I’m sure was just told to rush, rush, rush into the fight to get the other guy confused and nervous. At the time Brock diet started that may have worked against Overreem, but Overreem even at the time was a very established fighter in K1, so I think sick or not sick Brock wouldn’t stand a chance against Overreem, especially seeing as how Brock can not take a punch or kick at all.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    He’s never been KO’d, only TKO.

  • drew

    My only thought about that , is ryback faced many faceless jobbers who no one will listen to thinking they are just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.
    To the WWE employees that work with Ryback also work the likes of Sheamus, and other stiff workers and probably didn’t want to speak up due to being scared for their jobs

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’ll concede, you do have a point.

    However, it’s also worth noting that according to Ryback, Punk never said anything to his face… and considering Punk is pretty much in “Bury the WWE” mode right now, I’m inclined to take his side of the story with a grain of salt.

    Ryback probably didn’t even realise he’d stiffed him at all, because Punk never really explained what went wrong. (Even though he claims that he asked him if he was doing it on purpose, or if he’s just stupid)

    90% of the time, the more experienced wrestler in a match is the one calling all the shots, so Punk would have been calling Ryback’s moves for him, most likely.

  • D2K

    That was by design from Dana White who USED Brock’s WWE notoriety to get the heavyweight division over and bring in a new fanbase. Brock should never have been trusted into the main event so quickly. Had he of had time to truly learn his craft and get comfortable with his own style things would have gone much better. His stand up game was atrocious, but that is something that can be developed. However, it takes time.

    I foresee a similar think happening with CM Punk. Dana White is gonna want to trust him in the main events right away to take advantage of his star power, and current UFC guys in his division salty that he is taking their spot are gonna be lining up for miles waiting to clean his clock.

  • Jorge Ruvalcaba

    I remember Cain KOing Brock right?

  • Jorge Ruvalcaba

    The talk could be about a totally different project or even a celebrity Ultimate Fighter season

  • drew

    I agree I don’t think punk could handle it. He is older, inexperienced as some ot these guys who trained for this their whole life. But I will say there is some merit to his complaining about the kick. In UFC you know every hit is intended to hurt you break a bone, in WWE you put your trust into your opponent not to hurt you. Especially when he was forced into a series with a guy that truly injurred him. I would pissed off and telling everyone about it too. I still don’t think he would do great but don’t blame him about the ribs

  • ddfindl

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. How are you going to complain that someone took years off your life because they were too stiff, and then get into mixed martial arts where you are guaranteed to eventually get seriously hurt. And unlike the WWE, you can’t piss and moan until you get your way and someone lets you win a match or a title – it’s not scripted. This decision contradicts everything he said he has a problem with in pro wrestling.

  • Claud3Giroux

    I agree, love punk as a wrestler. He wouldnt last a day in UFC or any cage fighting event. I also find it hilarious that guys would boast and brag about how Undertaker was so loyal to wwf/wwe he would work hurt constantly. Thats what seperates the greats from the one hit wonders. Punk complaining shows he’s no different than guys like Kevin Nash who constantly complain about injuries. Instead of a “bum knee” we will all be joking about Punks “bum ribs” in the near future lol

  • Keith Learmonth

    Punk couldn’t handle UFC.

    And that’s coming from someone who’s a punk fan, and a WWE fan.

    Punk keeps complaining about how a kick from Ryback broke his ribs, etc… If a single kick from a completely untrained fighter is enough to put him in that much pain, imagine what will happen when is opponent actually intends to hurt him.

  • nobody

    Brock would have destroyed Reem – Sick Brock can only beat Shane Carwin.

    First Brock was reckless, so he wouldn’t have been smart enough to fear Reem, and Reem would have been to cocky to respect. Bottom line: Reem would have done what he did against Travis Browne and Big Ben; he would have walked himself into something bad and got KO’d. Reem would still be the better fighter, though.

    Reem fought the only Brock that he can beat; Sick Brock.

    JDS – would murder Brock at any point in either of their careers.

    Cain – would murder Brock at any point in either of… as above.

    Travis Browne/Bigfoot Silva: Interesting potential, Browne could probably finish him the same way he did Barnett. Bigfoot, I think would have lost to Brock at that point in their careers; currently, the Bigfoot who drew Mark Hunt would beat him.

    Hunt – Hunt would beat Brock at any… yup, as above.

    Nelson, Mir, Schuab, Mitrione, Skyscraper, and every other HW, Brock would kill. Sick Brock might not beat Nelson, but any other Brock would. Brock had some fun fights left but he knew he would not remain in the Top 5, and that matters to a competitive person. Why fight if you already know you can’t train and fight properly with that kind of sickness? Besides, Brock achieved everything he could have hoped to.

    I would like to see Warmaster Barnett vs Bigfoot Silva, and Mark Hunt rematch the roid cheat, Bigfoot.

  • nick-hulk

    But in his first few fights he fought at least 2 legends in Frank Mir and Randy Couture

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Yea, but Brock was mostly all hype. He fought guys that were not in the same HW division that we have now. If he had fought Overreem, Santos or Valasquez, in his first few fights, then he never would have gotten to the title.