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CM Punk Talks About His Return, Wrestling and Announcing, More spoke with CM Punk this weekend to promote his return at the SmackDown live events. Here are highlights:

On his return and feud with John Cena:
“I feel lovely. The comeback is going well. Obviously I’ve picked probably the biggest superstar to smack with a steel chair, so it should be interesting.”

Announcing on RAW:
“I would love to do both but I think I believe there’s a thing as overexposure and I think people will get sick of me real quick.”

“I kind of basically looked at it as my retirement plan now. That’s definitely something I can do when I’m not wrestling anymore. And believe it or not — this sounds horrible — but it was really easy for me. [laughs] I would really love to do both. I’d love to wrestle and do commentary, I think that would be awesome.”

On if he had heat for wearing a Colt Cabana shirt on RAW recently:
“Nah. A lot of people in the WWE try to paint themselves as outlaws and rebels and I really honestly believe I’m the only one left [laughs] . I always do what I want and I never get any flack for it. I don’t know if it’s because they know they’re not gonna win, or it’s not worth fighting me over. Plus I don’t see what the big deal is about me wearing a Cabana shirt. The guy should be working there, first of all, and it’s promoting my friend. I don’t see what the big deal is.”

  • CM Mark

    He feels lovely because he’s BETTER THAN YOU.

  • !?

    When I saw that Colt Cabana shirt, I thought Punk was going to be in deep s***.

  • rick

    “I feel lovely.”

    What a m*ther f*ckin outlaw.

  • tim

    A lot of people say punk has an attitude problem, but I like his attitude towards not settling or following all the stupid shit they try to impose upon their talent. good for him.

  • CM Mark

    The ONLY real outlaw. Well said, sir.

  • In Grind We Crust

    CM Punk does seem to have a natural talent for commentary, but I’ll be glad to see him back in the ring.