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CM Punk Talks About “Sexting” & Tells Vince McMahon Story

CM Punk was interviewed on The Bower Show on 97.9 ESPN radio in Hartford, Connecticut on Monday. Here are some highlights of what CM Punk said about.

Punk on Roddy Piper: “He was a really good villain. He made me want to do what I do now.”

Punk on whether a bad personal experience with alcohol or drugs led to him being Straight Edge: “I was born this way. For me it’s not a lifestyle. I think going out and partying and going out and getting drunk every night, that’s a lifestyle. That’s insane. This is who I am and how I’ve always been… I just never saw a reason to drink, I suppose.”

Punk on his favorite Vince McMahon story: “We recently had the Hall of Fame before WrestleMania and Edge was being inducted this year. He told a story and neglected to add that I was apart of, shockingly enough. I had been on the road maybe five-six months, and I got the call spur of the moment, somebody is injured, somebody is suspended, whatever. Okay, cool, I’ll pack my bags. So we went over to Iraq and the sleeping arrangements were hilarious.

“I can’t remember the general’s name, it wasn’t a five-star, because I don’t know if there any current five-star generals, whatever the biggest general is was. He was in our room. It was me, JBL, Undertaker, Edge, and Vince McMahon all bunking. I was on the top bunk and JBL was on the bottom. To the right of me was Vince McMahon and I think let him have his own bunks so there was nobody above or below him. To my left was Undertaker and I think Edge was top bunk…

“There was one giant bed in the room and we gave it to the general, it was his show. It was one of those moments where I’m just laying there awake thinking how bizarre my life is. I’m in a bunk bed with JBL and Vince McMahon is over here. All of a sudden I hear somebody let one off and then you hear (impersonates Vince MaMahon laughing). So then I’m sitting in a bunk bed and Vince McMahon is crapping his pants.”

Punk on whether he has ever “sexted” a photo: Punk laughed loudly. “I’m totally red. Who hasn’t? How’s that for honesty, ESPN. Yeah. I don’t even think it was done in the context you are thinking of. It was a complete goof. I wasn’t trying to be salacious. I wasn’t trying to get in anybody’s pants or anything. It was probably to my girlfriend and was more like an LOL, ha!”

  • Bawb

    I haven’t laughed that hard at something WWE related in so long. That’s a classic story.

    As far as things go with Punk as champion, I don’t know. I want him as a heel, that’s for sure. But I think his character needs to change. In my opinion, he’s like this generation’s Randy Savage, and I see him as a crazy standout member of a group, almost like Macho Man was for the nWo.

  • 1919dpg

    i wonder if they can laugh at vince?

  • SYM


  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    WWE Did You Know?

    Vince McMahon once crapped himself in Iraq while bunking with CM Punk, Undertaker, JBL, and WWE Hall of Famer, Edge!

  • SYM

    LMFAO! OLY SHIT! Vince was Crapping his Pants LMAO.

  • voice of reason

    gotta agree with mark but i did have a laugh about the fart

  • d

    Agreed I’ve enjoyed this punk title reign good matches good promos and has kept the title off cena for nearly a year

  • mark

    Punk needs to stay the WWE Champion.