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CM Punk Tells Fan On Twitter To Kill Himself, Natalya Speaks Out Against Bullying

— WWE Champion CM Punk spoke out on the topic of same sex marriage and Amendment 1 Monday morning on Twitter. Amendment 1 is a controversial topic in North Carolina, as it will define marriage in the state constitution as between one man and one woman, and would ban any other type of “domestic legal union” such as civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Punk wrote, “Amendment 1 is ridiculous. It’s an invasion of people’s rights. North Carolina, why do you care if somebody wants to marry who they love?” Same sex marriage should be legal. The fact that it’s illegal is embarrassing.”

He continued, “Divorce rate is at least 50% between men and women, so don’t give me the values angle. Making same sex marriage illegal is the same as having segregated drinking fountains. Embarrassing. The human race is embarrassing. #evolve”

One of Punk’s Twitter followers disagreed with his beliefs, writing to the WWE Superstar, “Man was meant for woman, and even the thought of homo’s make me sick.” Punk posted his message and wrote “Kill yourself” in response.

— Natalya and Hornswoggle paid a visit to Pleasant Valley Elementary School in Greensboro, North Carolina on Monday to promote WWE’s anti-bullying initiative ‘be a STAR.’ (Photo)

The SmackDown Diva admitted last month on Twitter that most of the bullying she has dealt with has occurred as an adult. Offering advice to a fan who is being bullied, she wrote, “Yes I have been bullied- mostly as an adult, ironically! Stand up for yourself and kill em with kindness.”

  • Cboz78

    @TonyA It’s an equal/human/civil rights thing. We are all supposed to have equal rights and homosexuals don’t have that. Same as in the 60’s. In the end we are all Human Beings, nothing more, nothing less and should treat each other as equals no matter the differences.

  • Yes Man

    @jason kill yourself

  • Jason

    Jeff Hardy made a mistake but he owned up to it and is now a better person for it. Don’t act like that has not happened in the WWE before. Warror ring a bell? lol

    BTW Barry are you on Wrestling forums? Yeah you came to a TNA house show with a huge fire Bitchoff sign? I remember now

  • Mongo (totally not Jason)

    No Jason you just tell people to meet you some place and that you would kill them if you ever were to meet one of these people here face to face. You are a liar and a hypocrite Jason

  • barry horowitz

    jason i like how you talk about conduct and fans when your company employs a drug addict who cheated your audience at a several pay per views hypocrite and to those that say punk will get buried or punished he could always go somewhere else i thimk punks morals are too strong to be comprimised

  • Brian

    Punk is a damn hypocrite. Wasn’t he claiming to be a savior and telling people “straight edge” is the way?

  • The Killswitch

    “Jeremy, the ironic thing about you comment is that natural selection would not favor homosexuality since no reproduction occurs in human homosexual intercourse.”

    @spddem777 Haha, well said.

  • spddem777

    Jeremy, the ironic thing about you comment is that natural selection would not favor homosexuality since no reproduction occurs in human homosexual intercourse.

    While I am not offering my opinion on the matter one way or another, it seems almost anyone who talks about this issue, especially in the light of allowing people to live they want to live, will say a comment like “Kill Yourself” when someone public states wanting to live differently.

  • CM Mark

    Really Punk??? You’d think a guy with this much experience would know how NOT to get bumped down for doing something stupid. I guess not. Look for the burial of Punk to begin imminently.

  • The Killswitch

    Punk lost a lot of respect from me. Regardless of someone’s views on same sex marriage, telling someone to kill themselves over this kind of matter is blowing things out of proportion.

  • moo

    thats way to strong of a response from punk. So what if the guy does`nt like homosexuals?, thats his right and his opinion Punk does not have to agree or like it, but telling him to kill himself is immature and stupid. thats like the animal rights people threatening to kill Ted Nugent and his family.

  • Mutual~Revenge

    CM Punk standing up for gay people? Not according to this video. Hypocrite much?

  • No Name Required

    Punk made a comment and the man replied so Punk replied if he didn’t want Punk to respond to him he shouldn’t have responded to Punk. It seems the problem here is that people won’t mind their own damn business and always think that by simply saying your wrong I’m right they win the argument. Personally I don’t care if two males or two females want to get married it’s their right, however if you want to hate them for it that’s your right too but I don’t want to be talking to my friends about why I like TNA as well as WWE and have some jerk come up to me and say WWE sucks or TNA sucks when they’ve only ever watched one and I wasn’t even talking to them. People, mind yoour own business.

  • Drake F3lix

    No Jason you just invite people to come fight you whenever you’re in town.

  • Tony A.

    Punk is so stupid… What if the guy kills himself??? Punk and the WWE would be screwed. I say take the Title off of Punk tonight.. He shouldn’t be representing the WWE.

  • lulz

    obviously punk doesnt literally intend for the kid to kill himself. Telling someone to kill themself on the internet has become a common replacement for “youre an idiot” OR “go away” these days.
    For instance:
    Post1: I <3 Cena! HES TEH BEST!!!11!11!1
    Post2: @Post1 Kill yourself

  • Deva

    so if your not into homosexuality you should go kill yourself? this is punks thinking??!! wow, everyone is entitled to their beliefs. If you believe in gay marriage ok, if you believe in straight marriage ok too,

  • Jason

    Regardless if Punk is right or not via his gay thoughts he had no right to say kill yourself to a paying fan. I get a lot of heat from you guys for putting TNA over all the time but I never say shit like go kill yourself because that is just wrong and unprofessional.

    Just think if that kid or who ever disagreed with Punk was to now kill himself? The WWE would be dead with in a month via PR. This is a serious matter and Punk should be fined and given some time off.

  • Tony A.

    @Cboz78 lol @ equating homosexually with racial segregation and the so-called african americans…

  • poko

    I agree with what Punk said initially, but the “kill yourself” thing people do online is stupid and childish. You don’t tell people that just because you disagree with their opinion, or you end up looking just as bad as they do.

  • Greg

    The above commenters like butt hole, I’m straight forever.

  • Jeremy

    Totally agree with Punk. People with that mentality are only holding back the human race. If they weeded themselves out, natural selection would be a much easier process.

  • 1919dpg

    how dare that nigger demand equal rights! just the thought of a negro makes me sick.

    it’s almost like 1964 all over again.

  • Cboz78

    100% agree with Punk. It’s no different than racial segregation and all the stuff african americans had to go through.

  • Jason

    Much like Scotty, Mr. Punk needs to get ahold of himself.

  • Billy Zane

    So much for anti-bullying