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CM Punk to Continue Announcing?, WWE Announcer Weds, WM 27 Update

– WWE announcer Todd Grisham was married on October 17th. Former WWE announcer and current ESPN anchor Jonathan Coachman was in the wedding party and came out to his WWE theme music.

– Based on numbers that are available for this year’s advance for WrestleMania 27 tickets, ticket sales are the slowest they have been in years.

– CM Punk is now considered a sure thing for WrestleMania 27 after choosing rehab over surgery on his torn glute muscle. Punk is scheduled to return in January but it’s believed he will be doing announcing on TV until he can return to the ring.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • shawn

    CM Punk the wrestler > CM Punk the announcer. i thought he blew. entertaining yes, but not yet good at it. i saw the nxt one not the superstars one though. its damn good he wants to work!

  • Trixie

    I think CM Punk is an awesome announcer! I really hope they keep him while he’s rehabing his injury.

  • tom

    maybe we’ll all get lucky and Michael Cole will get lost in a coal mine.

  • damkat

    I have to say that both TNA and WWE suck right now. At least with the WWE it does not look like it was being filmed on a digital camera like TNA does.

  • misfit

    We can all agree the current product blows in both wwe and tna, but if I had to choose id still go with wwe, .

  • me

    Jason stop tarnishing my name with your rtrded TNA comments, TNA don’t even own a pot to pis in at the moment.

  • Jason

    Tna owns wwe at the moment

  • CM Mark

    Thank god. Punk > Cole easily.

  • Eric Nixon

    WrestleMania ticket sales are the slowest they have been in years? Maybe if the product was any good and the tickets didn’t cost a small fortune. I’m not paying $1000 for their crummy product, and I’m not paying $50 for nosebleeds seats. Go back to arenas, Vince! Stadiums are a dumb idea.

  • Adam


    I think we found one Cole-miner in TJ.

  • AJ

    Grisham got married last October

  • TJ

    Cole, Punk & Matthews best announce team ever.

  • misfit

    Meant cole-miner*, sorry

  • misfit

    I think we would all prefer a deaf-mute over cole, and I wonder if there is actually one cole-mine, out there?

  • Adam

    CM Punk is actually good at announcing. To me, Punk might have a certain Jesse Ventura charm on him. I definitely prefer him over Michael Cole.