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CM Punk To Tour With The SmackDown Brand During Randy Orton’s Absence

With Randy Orton serving a sixty-day suspension for his second violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program, WWE Champion CM Punk is being shifted from Raw live events to SmackDown live events to alleviate the secondary brand’s loss of the “Apex Predator.”

The changes go into effect on June 23 for the SmackDown show at the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield, Illinois, where Punk, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio are the top WWE Superstars advertised. John Cena and Big Show will headline Raw live events, with John Laurinaitis appearing at select events as an additional headliner. Dolph Ziggler is billed as the third star behind Cena and Show on the Raw tour.

The change is expected to be temporary since Punk is not advertised for events past July 29. Orton’s suspension concludes July 27 and he is advertised for events beginning in August.

For SmackDown tapings through late July, Cena and Triple H are being pushed as the main stars in local markets. Cena will only work dark matches while Triple H will make non-televised appearances.


  • sam mccourt

    @misfit del rio all this time people like you are complaining about the spinner belt and now that they’re bring in another one you’ve changed your mind? Really? REALLY?

  • CM Mark


    I think those two W’s on the belt stand for Wonder Woman don’t they? It’s the Wonder Woman Championship! Fail.

  • blue4everd

    CM Punk was right, that the new belt SUCKS!! It looks like it belongs to a damn super hero!!

  • poko

    Interesting. Looks like someone is pretending to be “poko” and trying to annoy me by posting stupid comments in my name. “borton”? Really?

    Unfortunately for them, I don’t particularly care. Like it’s really going to hurt me, you know? Consider me amused.

  • chronoxiong

    Lol at them trying to have Triple H being listed but he isn’t wrestling anymore.

  • The Awesome One

    hmm, cena and hhh are being pushed for main eventers seems they have been for the past like 5 years lol

  • Maxwell

    I actually like CM Punk, but I’m agaisnt the idea having CM Punk do the tours for Smackdown while Randy is serving his suspension. This is the PERFECT time for WWE to Push a mid carder, to Randy’s Level while he is away. WWE was wondering recently why their ratings were so poor. Could it be that there top stars, and the only ones the make look like headliners, are gone? Chris Jerchio, The Undertaker, HHH, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Batista, and even The Rock. I think this is the perfect time for WWE to push somebody deserving of a push, and that way, they will have him as a backup anyways once Randy gets back.

  • poko

    wow they replace borton with someone equally boring since his one scripted promo last july?!

    Would have liked wwe to push miz instead, get him ziggler and others doing more, not cm sucks!

  • misfit del rio

    Jesus christ, just saw the pic for the new wwe belt, and its the ugliest looking belt I’ve ever seen. Worst than the spinner, please keep the spinner as oppsed to this “light heavyweight” belt knock off.

  • Stevie P

    Laurenitis is considered a headliner? You have got to be kidding me. Now, Im not hating on Johnny Ace because some of his promos are funny (and sometimes not so much) but this proves how much they need to bolster their roster. Not just top card but the whole card. It’s just awful.

  • mark

    good decision to bring Punk in