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CM Punk Tweets Samoa Joe About WrestleMania 32, Goldberg On Vince McMahon

– CM Punk told Samoa Joe on Twitter to point at the WrestleMania 32 banner while at last night’s ticket on-sale party at AT&T Stadium:

– TMZ recently caught up with Bill Goldberg and asked him for his opinion of Vince McMahon and Donald Trump. He was quoted by saying that they’re “both off their rocker.” Check it out here:

  • Topcontenderpodcast

    Exactly. He could’ve left on good terms and then come back if UFC doesn’t work out. But nooo he decides to burn bridges. Although, if UFC doesn’t work out, he can always come back to WWE. If there is one thing I admire about Vince…its that he doesn’t hold grudges when it comes to business (hogan, Warrior, Bret). Although, he will bury you, but he’d still sign you tho.

  • Solid

    It is true though, the sign pointing thing, I don’t mind if he makes fun of it to/with a friend.

  • Wally

    Don’t be surprised if Punk returns to the WWE one day.. There’s been a ton of superstars who left on bad terms and came back, I honestly don’t see a very bright UFC career for him (he could definitely prove me wrong here), he may win his first couple fights but I don’t see him having any kind of title run at his age.. Plus, after hearing him talk about how many concussions he’s had, he may not be able to take a punch very well

  • D2K

    The sad part is, he really doesn’t. He just keeps trying to convince himself that he is to justify the mistake he made of running away the WAY he did.

    Everybody gets burned out once in awhile from their chosen vocation. Sometimes you need to just step back, go on hiatus, refresh yourself, and come back stronger. He could have left WWE on good terms to where whenever he wanted to come back he could the same way guys like Jericho, RVD, and Batista do.

  • Topcontenderpodcast

    We get it Punk you don’t like WWE. Just stop with the sneak attacks jeez. Focus more on your UFC debut