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CM Punk Undergoes X-Rays, Rima Fakih Scheduled For Court Hearing, Lilian Garcia

— CM Punk stated Tuesday on Twitter that he was undergoing an X-ray examination today. He wrote, “Heading for X-rays, then gym. Because broke shit don’t stop me.”

He added, “Soon to be a dirt sheet headline: Punk gets X-rays.

“Going to go jump in a volcano then gym. Because hot lava don’t stop me.

“Soon to be dirt sheet headline: Punk jumps into volcano.”

Tough Enough contestant and former Miss USA Rima Fakih is scheduled for a court hearing on December 21, 2011 in 30th District Court in Highland Park, Michigan due to her arrest Saturday on suspicion of drunken driving. If convicted, Fakih faces up to 93 days in jail, plus fines, court costs and the possibility of community service. (Article link)

— Lilian Garcia, SmackDown’s new, full-time ring announcer, has been added to the SmackDown Superstars page on

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  • CM Mark

    CM Punk pins Chuck Norris. Soon to be a dirtsheet headline.

  • joe

    big bossman is long since dead…..

  • venom

    Miss USA will have to face the Big Bossman.

  • Logan

    CM Punk took an arrow to the knee and it still won’t stop him!

  • Andy

    I love how W-E posted Punks twitter remarks as if they aren’t one of the dirt sheets he was talking about

  • d

    on punk’s twitter he has a tweet saying hustle loyalty and respect with a link to a picture and the picture is an x-ray of a hand

  • Buttercastle

    Probably from him trying to GTS Ricardo at the end of Raw. Looked like he had trouble even lifting the guy.

  • bonerjams

    Lol cmpunks twitter always funny