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CM Punk Upset About Leaked Wedding Photo, The Bella Twins Pool Party Appearance Nixed

– We noted a while back that The Bella Twins were scheduled to be guest hosts at a Liquid Sunday event at Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Connecticut last night. Their appearance was quietly canceled a few weeks back and they were replaced by a DJ that was already scheduled to be there.

– A photo from CM Punk and AJ Lee’s wedding has leaked online and Punk isn’t happy about it. He tweeted the following earlier today but later deleted it:

“Tweet that pic and I block you. Simple. And I block you because I can’t punch you in your disrespectful f***ing face. Pigs.”

  • jedi


  • windyhillgal

    He has always been Phil Brooks. That’s the point. CM Punk is a character he was playing on a TV show. He is not playing that character anymore. He quit playing that character MONTHS ago. Why not just pick a new character to like, and leave the man alone? He was very good at his job, but he has moved on. He and his new wife are entitled to have a life. He is not a role model – just a guy who wants to have a little privacy. He owes you nothing.

  • jedi

    so you want to be in the spotlight UNTIL you dont? So because you quit WWE all the people who supported you should just forget who you are? He has not been Phil Brooks for over 15 years just a heads up hes been CM Punk! Waaa people who love both me & my wife wanted to see your wedding picture! Waaaaa waaaa

  • windyhillgal

    You’re right – it was a crappy photo. I actually thought somebody photo-shopped their heads on someone else’s wedding pic. By the way – you absolutely hit the nail on the head. I’m sure they could have made a great deal of money selling the photos to a magazine – but they didn’t. It seems they had a very private, intimate wedding. I just don’t understand why people won’t leave him alone, or why they still come on here crying that he owes them anything.

  • jedi

    the guy is sounding more & more like a cry baby! You are a role model to many people & are loved by so many more but yet you dont want people to acknowledge you! Dam its sad how much of a sissy he is turning out to be!

  • Solid

    Personally I don’t blame him for being upset, they guy is a private person who had a very private ceremony and only invited friends. So either one of them posted the pic and betrayed his trust or he had a photographer there who did it.

    Again, don’t blame the guy for being pissed off.

  • R.R.W.

    So hackers spent months and months getting naked pictures of female celebs and are now releasing them. And in between that they decide to hack Punk or AJ to get a wedding photo? Please. Some friend of theirs or photographer released it.

  • BarleyD

    I just got paid

  • d

    well it could have been worse CM Punk.word going around was some other type of pictures were leaked yesterday