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CM Punk Working with Injuries Again, Backstage Talk on His Future with WWE and More

– CM Punk has been injured for several weeks now, which is why he’s barely been wrestling a full match at recent WWE live events. Word is that Punk’s knee and ankle are injured but he’s dealing with other nagging injuries. The attack from Ryback at Night of Champions will allow Punk one or two weeks off TV.

A lot of people within WWE are talking about how Punk’s deal expires next summer and what that means for his future. It’s probably too early to tell what’s in store for him but it is something being talked about among the other wrestlers.

Source: PWInsider

  • abbasadabad

    And, I didn’t know Punk was with Lita.

    Talk about sloppy forty second’s!!

  • abbasadabad

    Contract expires…

    Meaning he will be jobbed down beneath the Intercontinental Championship.

  • xXx

    yeah i know. but when did he really get pushed right? if you’re going to nitpick then just go touch yourself or something

  • millerj265

    3yrs to be exact which puts ziggler at 33 and cena at 36. they both have a good while left but yea neither are spring chickens. Ziggler might be in better shape though by the time he hits 36 being as he hasn’t suffered any serious injuries yet in his career. I think cena at 33 had already undergone 2 or 3 major surgeries.

  • Matthew Farrell

    You know Ziggler’s only a couple years younger than Cena, right?

  • millerj265

    And it would force them to keep Bryan as one of there top two or three baby faces and he would be needed to fill the void left by punk. Because I feel once cena and shamus return there going to wanna push bryan back down the card as an upper mid card guy. So if punk left for 6 months to a yr they would have no choice but to keep him a top level guy.

  • xXx

    plus the fact that if this does happen and he does go on a hiatus for a year or two, wwe will need to really push the likes of ziggler and other young talent to support that big hole he’s going to leave. plus cena isn’t getting any younger

  • CC

    If Lita is indeed pregnant, I dont necessarily see leaving WWE as a choice Punk would make. What I would see though is Punk and WWE working out a contract similar to the likes of RVD and Jericho etc. With WWE more open to part time contracts these days, they would certainly be more willing to offer Punk something similar rather than let him leave.

  • ddfindl

    Him taking a year off would be good, and he’d be the focal point of the WWE again once he comes back, which would be huge.

  • Sam Peters

    I think Punk will leave, especially with the Rumors that Lita is pregnant, he would wanna stay home to look after her and his Kid, that would give him a full year or 2 off, then if he wants im sure he could come back