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CM Punk’s Greatest Moments, Kelly Kelly Note, Mark Henry Q&A

– is featuring a Q&A with Mark Henry about fatherhood.

– Former WWE Diva Barbie Blank (a.k.a. Kelly Kelly) posted another sneak peek from her upcoming calendar.

Another sneak peak of my 2013 calendar thanks to @AMANDAGIFT @SNAPSSTUDIO

Another New AMAZING Sneak Peek Photo of Kelly Kelly s Upcoming Photo Shoot

– WWE is featuring an article looking at CM Punk’s greatest WWE moments. Some of the moments highlighted include Punk defeating Justin Credible in his WWE debut, defeating John Morrison for the ECW Championship, defeating John Cena to unify the two WWE Championships and defeating John Cena for the WWE Championship at Money In the Bank in Chicago last year.

  • Zedd

    If he can’t pick up Tensai after two tries then i doubt he can rip the door off the cell.

  • Joe John

    @ Cracker

    Posting the same comment under every story now?

  • mtlhitman

    Well Cena use to be a better wrestlers been top star years after years make u too lazy to wrestle like the first 5 years and yeah Cena is good on the mic he is an ok wrestler he give is 100% most of the time as for good rapper he is not that damn good trust me man cameron-eminem-50 cent and many other he might be the best wrestler rapper but he is not a rap top 10 lol and Ryback need to stay where he is as a babyface crowd start liking him he might be good for a few months merchandise sale number FEED ME MORE shirt are the next big sale for a 2 level wwe wrestlers and Heyman got Lesnars if they ever wanna had a big man in that alliance.

  • Rocky sucks

    That would suck so bad ryback should remain as face besides that would make punk loo weak to have ryback on his squad u idiots have no logic smh and by the way I’m 25 and I think cena rules he CAN wrestle he CAN talk on the mic really well he’s a great performer , he helps out charities and those In need from cancer etc and he CAN rap stop hating on the Man U pieces of shit and respect what the man has done in his career some of u couldn’t even fathom the great things cena has done ever since being the poster boy for the WWE

  • pichi

    That would be awesome!

  • Cracker1986

    Can anyone see a Ryback HEEL TRUN @ Hell In A Cell? ripping the door for the cell costing Cena the WWE Championship once about giving Punk a out not to win clean & joining Hayman & CM Punk.