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CM Punk’s Jacket from RAW, Jim Ross Comments on Lawler and a WWE Policy

– Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter this afternoon about Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole’s “anal bleeding” line from RAW:

“1. I expect king back for Raw & ‘perhaps’ HIAC..TBD, 2. The ‘anus’ line was Cole being cute therefore no anus updates are coming from me.”

Ross was also asked what he thought of referees not being mentioned on WWE TV, especially with the recent angles involving referees:

“It disturbs me greatly 🙂 Refs names haven’t been mentioned in a couple of years. Simple, company policy.”

– For what it’s worth, the coat that CM Punk was wearing on commentary during RAW last night was actually the coat of John Laurinaitis. That’s why Punk mentioned that he got it from a bum earlier in the day.


  • elvisD

    Screw that, Punk is amazing, I agree he needs to bring the real wrestling angle back, but its working and its better than anything on tv right now, What else do we have? I have been a fan of wresting for a long time, I lived through the Attitude Era, The Downfall of ECW,WCW, The rising of Tna and now the crapiness of Tna, I almost lost hope in wrestling long ago, CM PUNK, Miz, Del Rio, Ryder, they kinda brought it back in their own way, But I thought they would bring back the Attitude-esk type of programming when Triple H took over, but CM PUNK is the real deal, nothing else matters on tv

  • cheesehandler

    i think im gonna have to agree with breezy, unless punk does something else cuz he looked like the bum against HHH

  • voice of reason

    i don’t want to know the refs name just like i don’t want to know the names of the people who work ringside or the cameramen or even the guys outback it’s like watching a movie when the credits come up i leave the cinema

  • breezy

    cm punk nothing more then a wwe puppet again… his career is back to how it was before his shoot promo

  • venom

    Who cares about the referees names? Most of them do drugs anyways. If they don’t, why were they worried when Mike s=got suspended?

  • CC

    The Punk line about the jacket coming from a bum made me laugh when I heard it, but now I know who’s jacket it was, its even funnier.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Because rrefs r sposed to be interchangable an relatively faceless. If a ref gains noteriety if he gets fired it may cause issues. See Earl Hebner.

  • Yo

    Since when and why can’t they say referees’ names?