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CM Punk’s Lawyers Send Letter to WWE Officials Over Royalties and Use of Punk’s Likeness

– CM Punk’s lawyers recently sent a 22-page letter to WWE over royalties and their use of his likeness, mainly him being featured in the WWE 2K15 video game.

This isn’t confirmed but WWE may have stopped sending Punk royalty checks over their claim that he breached his contract. Regarding the video game, the roster was put together before Punk quit the company.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Dustin

    “Such a Jew at heart.” How was this comment approved?

  • CM Waaah

    Punk is such a crybaby b**** “i walked out on wwe now i’m gonna sue them”

  • jmister28

    CM Punk is such a Jew at heart,he must be running out of money wanting to sue the WWE for something like that when his bitch ass left the company while still in contract, i have no respect for the guy ever since he did his first pipe bomb on live tv and he was talking shit about the the WWE fans for taking pictures with him and selling them on ebay , people can do what ever the fuck they want as long as its legal,then he still talked shit about the fans when he was a bad guy every time he had a chance , so i dont know why you wrestling guy fans are still on CM Punks dick when he dosent give a shit about any of you , if he did he would still be in the WWE entertaining you guys,Punk just likes to be an attention whore .

  • Keith Learmonth

    Punk’s got no case: He would have signed for this game months before he left.

    Also, the game royalties are about $15,000.

    Punk’s salary is about $100,000 per month without royalties, and he collected it for 6 months without working.

    WWE could counter-sue for 600,000 dollars. Punk stands to make a net loss of $585,000.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I am gonna say, do some more research. I am sure that Punk and 2K aren’t morons so I could imagine this is just about WWE merchandise and not the game. I don’t think Punk would threaten with lawsuit for something WWE has really no control over. Unless this blown out of proportion and Punk just wants to get money from 2K that they may owe him.

  • CC

    I was under the impression from previous reports (Sting being the most recent example) that being in a WWE video game is not down to WWE as far as royalties etc go. This is why its constantly been said that Sting has no contract in place with WWE yet is in the next game. Surely its 2k who would owe him royalties from the game.

  • Joe Sweat

    It’s all a work so we will be surprised when he actually does come back randomly. (I told myself while I cried)

  • ddfindl

    He walked away from his contract, he owes WWE for unearned income. When you breach a contract you are not entitled to pick and choose what terms in the contract you want the other party to still commit to, and if the game was developed while Punk was employed, he has no case.

  • drew

    To be fair WWE does this a lot with there games. I believe it was smackdown vs RAW 2010 that had so many wrestlers that weren’t in WWE

  • RBZ24

    Not sure about Punk’s situation but I’m gonna assume WWE and 2k make wrestlers sign an agreement that’s similar to the contract UFC and THQ made their fighters sign. The agreement basically allowed UFC and THQ to use a fighter’s likeliness in their games even after death and/or release from the company. That’s why some fighters were featured in games well after being released from UFC. But that’s just my assumption that WWE and 2k would make wrestlers sign a similar contract.

  • D2K

    When exactly did anyone from WWE management claim that CM Punk breached his contract? That’s news to me if it did happen. Even if he did breach his contract, WWE can not use his likeness in the game without his permission whether they’re paying him for it or not. Just because the roster was made while he was still employed with the company, doesn’t mean that he has to be in the finished product. A character can very easily be deleted from a video game.

    However that being said, if he did breach his contract no monies are owed to him unless the language in his contract stated otherwise. I would hope that he wouldn’t be stupid enough to think that you can breach a contract and still get royalties which again is ASSUMING he breached his contract and as of yet haven’t seen or heard any to support that.