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CM Punk’s Title Reign Reaches New Milestone, Reaction To Sunny’s Multiple Arrests

– CM Punk has reached another milestone as Saturday marks his 300th day as WWE Champion. He also surpassed Ultimate Warrior and Superstar Billy Graham’s respective title reigns this week in terms of days held.

– Tammy Sytch appeared for Evolve Wrestling last Saturday, three days before her string of arrests in Connecticut on domestic violence complaints. Gabe Sapolsky, the promotion’s co-owner, said he was surprised by the news.

“Tammy was in great spirits and totally sober last weekend. Her angle with us was just a one show thing that we wrapped up in a backstage promo, but she did a great job and seemed to be in a really good place in life,” he wrote on Facebook.

Rob Feinstein, owner of RF Video, was also surprised by the news after working with her days earlier.

“Not sure what to think about the Tammy story on TMZ. I got a ton of calls and emails about it. I think its really sad that is all I will say,” he wrote on Facebook. “We were with her all last weekend and she seemed fine. We filmed that new On the Road DVD with her just 6 days ago……”

Reby Sky, who engaged in a war of words with Sytch through social media last June over wrestler conduct, wrote “LOL” on Twitter in response to news of her arrest showing up on

  • Tyler(:

    What a joke. Punk acts like a teenage girl and throws a hissy fit and now WWE’s too scared too let him drop the title or he’ll threaten too leave again.

    CM Punk is a stale wrestler, and by this time next year you’ll all be complaining about him like you do with HHH, Orton and Cena. ( Even you CM Mark. )

  • Buttercastle

    As long as its not that gold thing they called the new belt we saw pictures of not too long ago, I’m down.

  • Bill

    How about reaching another milestone by introducing a new WWE title to end the 7 years of the spinning one? It lasted as long as the winged eagle one, & as much as the Attitude Era & Undisputed ones combined!

  • is it me or CM Punk heel turn is very cartoonish, Really ?Searching for Respect ? Well, I guess We Wont Blame Vince Russo for that, Congrats to whoever write that crap, you Sir are an Ass hole .

  • CM Mark

    Congrats to Punk. I thought I’d never see it. Respect.