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Cody Rhodes on being asked back for the Dusty Classic Finals

NXT has held the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic since 2015, honoring the American Dream who passed away in June of that year. Dusty’s sons Cody and Dustin appeared to present the trophy to the winners of the first tournament, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. And while Cody hasn’t been back since his departure from the WWE in 2016, he’s been invited back for the Dusty Classics.

On Twitter, Cody responded to a fan who was asking why NXT doesn’t invite Cody to the finals of the tournament anymore. The American Nightmare stated that, even after he left, he has always been welcomed back for the finals of the Dusty Classic to honor his father.

To know that WWE and NXT still invite Cody back for the finals of the tournament is heartwarming. While Cody had his issues creatively with the WWE, it’s great to see that the two sides can put that aside to honor the legendary Dusty Rhodes.

Cody’s reasoning as to why he doesn’t go is interesting, as well, claiming that the tournament is for Regal and the students and that they do a great job honoring him. Clearly, Cody still respects and appreciates the company, and it’s great to see such a showing of class here.

The finals of the Dusty Classic were interrupted by the Undisputed Era this year, which saw Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong taking on the Authors of Pain. The trophy, along with the NXT Tag Team Titles, will be on the line this Saturday at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I almost want to see Cody come back and become a centrepiece, main attraction for NXT to help solidify it as a third, equal brand… but I don’t know if that would ever happen.

  • CC

    I don’t doubt that at all. He knows he can actually make his stock more valuable by going to Japan etc. We are in an age where achieving big things over there actually carries some weight in WWE.

  • Buzzkiller73

    He will be back someday before he hangs up his boots barring injury of course.

  • CC

    Cody from memory has not had a bad word to say about WWE since leaving, and still actually defends them when people bad mouth them.
    He was unhappy with his place in WWE, but he even says that part of that was his own fault.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    But it’s not like they left on bad terms. I’m sure he was still treated well backstage and made friends with many top guys.