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Cody Rhodes cryptically takes shots at WWE’s Crown Jewel controversy

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is a man of many words and never minces any of them. The man is very vocal about his opinions on things and usually takes to Twitter to express them.

Rhodes recently took to Twitter to talk about wrestlers in the current era being very responsible when it comes to their work and claimed that the same could not be said about the people handling them, ie the promoters.

Cody ended the tweet by calling out all wrestlers and asking them to “band together”.

Check out the tweet:

Many people feel like this is a direct criticism towards the WWE and the entire Crown Jewel mess that they currently find themselves in. Amidst the increasing amounts of controversies happening in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, WWE has received a lot of pressure from the State authorities to pull out their November mega-event.

Reports have also suggested that several wrestlers in the WWE locker-room are uncomfortable with having to perform in Saudi Arabia, which could have also been the reason behind Cody’s tweet.


  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Yeah because thatll change vinces mindset, this is the same guy who continued the show after the Owen Hart accident, so as long as vince makes money he wont care about other people or whats the moral thing to do