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– David Otunga and Stephanie McMahon will lead an anti-bullying rally today at 1pm from the Wilson Gray YMCA in Hartford, Connecticut.

– The Rock wrote this weekend that he has officially began training for Fast 6.

– Cody Rhodes, who is doing media work for WWE in Turkey, wrote the following on Twitter about the top 15 wrestling families ranking that recently appeared on WWE’s website:

“The geniuses at WWE.com (the same geniuses that left Thunderbolt P off the greatest talkers list) have assembled a new list… the top 15 wrestling families. As the least bias of my name, if you were basing these off of the bottomline, I could see number 5, maybe 6.. 8 though?? You might be able to hear me laughing all the way from Turkey. I hope we’re not paying these guys much.”

  • Buttercastle

    Ironically, during the anti bullying rally elsewhere Vince and creative will be cutting down the likes of Vickie Guerrero even though she’s overcome a lot lately and draws more heat than their “best” heels.

  • http://google the dude

    Its vader time!!

  • SYM

    See even the WWE talent hate the Ranking system. The Had John Cena as like #13 Greatest Wrestler on that Greatest Wrestler DVD. Kurt Angle was #30 -_- its all about the Politics in that Company.

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