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Cody Rhodes Takes Nasty Fall at WWE Tapings

According to our correspondents at Tuesday’s WWE Main Event tapings, Cody Rhodes appeared to have taken a hard fall when Kane flipped him over and instead of landing on his back, Rhodes landed on his shoulder. After the spot, Rhodes was then knocked off the apron and didn’t sell as medical staff came out to assist.

Rhodes was visibly shaken as he talked with medical staff before being helped to the back.

  • Nate

    I agree with you @One. Apart from the fact that I think he is great with Sandow, together those guys could get an equal push, split up and then have some great wrestling matches with eachother.

    They could end up putting each other over, and it will be well deserved too. Both are amazing wrestlers.

  • Mark

    guess hes out of survivor series then

  • One

    Cody is a talented guy, I’d hate to see him set back by injury. They need to stop putting him in tag teams and let him have a great singles feud.