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Cody Rhodes Talks About Bout with Christian, Advice from His Father, X-Men vs. Avengers

Cody Rhodes recently spoke to in an interview. Here are the highlights.

On Advice From His Father: The man gives me great tips every Wednesday, and every Saturday after he watches SmackDown, especially. It’s funny, with my dad being tied so close to the WWE he’s a bit biased. If he had his way, I’d be World champion now. So with that, I have to pull him in from that time-to-time. But he has this understanding of the inner workings of sports entertainment, better than almost anybody out there and that stuff is invaluable. And that’s great for me to know; I feel like at 26, I have knowledge of the backstage inner workings of sports entertainment more than most.

On Avengers Vs. X-Men: Well, I think that right out of the gate, I love how epic this series is. I mean look at some of those matchups—you could make whole stories out of stuff like Red Hulk vs. Colossus! As a fan, it’s so cool to see some of these dream fight matchups happening all in one place. I’m also a pretty big Spider-Man fan, so whenever I get to see him mix it up with the X-Men, it’s a lot of fun.

On Sunday’s PPV Bout With Christian: I’ve always had plans to move on to the World title, but in all honesty, I want to grab the Intercontinental title and become the first dual champion since The Ultimate Warrior. A lot of the top superstars of the WWE have something to stand on, like Randy Orton was the youngest World Heavyweight champion of all time, and Chris Jericho was the first Unified champion, he beat Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night. To cement a legacy, you can certainly do that by saying you were the first dual champion since Ultimate Warrior, and that’d be the goal for me.

  • Cody10

    Yeah, and the way WWE half asses every thing they have said it does count, and then they will say it doesn’t count so, who knows.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    ^ Very true, But i think it comes down to the unification. The IC title didn’t exist for some time after that.

  • Cody10

    I don’t know if WWE counts it or not, but Triple H held both in the early 2000’s, well he unified anyway.

  • SYM

    Cody Rhodes is a Really cool guy outside of Wrestling. I’d chill wit him.

  • Buttercastle

    It’s cool how Cody plays or has played the dashing character, but in real life he’s kinda a geek that likes comics and video games.