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Cole Mentions Daniel Bryan’s Concussion, Warrior Tweets During The Rumble, Roman Reigns

– WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans who impressed the most at the end of last night’s Royal Rumble match – Sheamus, Roman Reigns, CM Punk or Batista. With 13,000 votes cast, 55% of fans have voted for Reigns.

– The Ultimate Warrior tweeted the following during last night’s Rumble pay-per-view:

“Running 18yrs to end up back at WWE home, now they say run into Pittsburg, shake a few ropes, RUMBLE..DAMN! Blew a boot! Running past exit.”

“#RoyalRumble inspires many talent to race to the ring for the one night. Only one talent was inspired and inspiring enough to race to the ring every fucking night. #UW #NeverForget”

– While WWE still hasn’t confirmed Daniel Bryan’s concussion through their website or TV shows, Michael Cole mentioned on last night’s pay-per-view that there were “rumors of Bryan suffering a concussion” going around last week. As noted, a WWE spokesperson confirmed Bryan’s concussion.

  • nobody

    Oh, Big Jimmy just wants to get in there covered in oil and rub all over hot sweaty men until his energy level gives him ejaculation via seizure.

    Never Forget: He butt-bumped Hogan in an effort to get that Hulkamania running wild inside…

  • Stumpy

    I would say that he was drunk tweeting, but everyone knows Big Jimmy has always been off his rocker.