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Colt Cabana Addresses WWE Rumor with Cryptic Statements

— In his latest “Art of Wrestling” podcast, Colt Cabana addressed the recent rumors of a potential move to WWE as an announcer…

“Something was reported about myself this week about myself and a position in the world of professional wrestling. And, I will just say this. This podcast is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself in wrestling” For my own sanity, this is what has made me happy… This has allowed me to find people who enjoy what I do. So, I have to protect myself no matter what comes and I have to be smart about what I’m going to do in the future.”

Cabana continued…

“Yes, big corporate wrestling machines have reached out to me and inquired about my services, but it’s not just them, other big corporate wrestling machines have also reached out to me. And every time I think about what happened before and how I’m doing now, I keep that in consideration and the realization of my sanity and how much I enjoy it. This is what I love to do. And, I don’t plan on stopping this any time.

“So, take that how ever you want it. Just know that I am a podcaster, I’m proud to be a podcaster, and in the foreseeable future, I see myself as a podcaster. Was that cryptic? Was that weird? Listen, I ain’t quitting this podcast for nothing. You get it? Good.”

  • Scooter

    So he’s putting his own happiness above a payday. I respect that.