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Colt Cabana Attending Money in the Bank, WWE Pays Tribute To Randy Savage

— Colt Cabana, who performed in WWE as Scotty Goldman, noted on Art Of Wrestling that he would be attending Money in the Bank.

The pay-per-view event takes place next Sunday at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

— The latest issue of WWE Magazine, which features Rey Mysterio on the cover, pays tribute to the late Randy Savage. Enclosed in the issue is a photo of every “Macho Man” outfit from WWE’s photography archive, totaling over 100.

— Paul Bearer’s Twitter account was hacked last week due to a phishing attack. The account has since been reclaimed. His primary account is located here.

— Alex Riley and Kaitlyn will be appearing at the 2011 Connecticut Women’s Expo on Saturday, September 10, 2011. Event information is available here.

  • really!

    @electrifying one

    I know it was a knock on how ECW was born, WWE lost the right to use WWF because they got cocky, they had permission to use it in the U.S. but the wildlife fund had a problem using “WWF” internationally, (from the rumors at the time)

  • K Roy

    heres my theory for what it is worth…i see cena losing, punk leaves and cena is fired but then over the next series of weeks cm punk shows up at shows with the title but in the audience. big names such as orton, miz, del rio, whoever, all keep getting mysteriously beaten up by a mustery attacker in the back…including nexus…

    eventually vince offers punk a “contract” to return and end the madness to prevent future attacks. punk accepts a challenge to have a match with whoever has the title at that point, perhaps triple H at summerslam which would unify the title with punks original and the one HHH wins at the next PPV in a tourny…during the match cena comes out and attacks hunter, helping punk win!

    cena and punk form a new faction, not unlike the epic hogan swerve to start the NWO…somewhat similar but fresh enough to maybe shake things up…

    of course that wont happen but id be pretty rivited if it did…gives cena a break to heal up, his turn would be amazing, punk stays in the picture and hunter has a fued upon returning…

  • LVW

    At first I picked ADR; but now I’m not so sure. Since he won that Number 1 contender’s match last week, he’ll be named #1 contender and get the title shot at SS. So; unless the WWE wants to have for the 1st time and #1contender/MITB briefcase holder I don’t see him winning it; especially after attacking 6 of his opponents on tonite’s RAW.

  • scooter

    @adam tarasievich I’m sorry but your ideas are just too unrealistic to ever happen

  • Drei

    like SuperCena’ll ever lose.. I bet the whole roster will attack Cena and Cena’ll still retain the title

  • the_electrifying_one

    @ JIR that would be good.

    @really! I would love that however never going to happen due to the lawsuit with the World Wildlife Fund back in 2002 WWE aint aloud to use that name anymore.

  • JIR

    what would be funny is if The Rock shows up and screws Punk just so Cena can have the tittle til their match at WM (watch this become some insider rumor)

  • adam tarasievich

    If only it could be the WWF again that is when it used to be good attitude era not the same 2 champions over and over again.

  • really!

    I think CM punk will win the belt, he will then get on the mic look at the title throw it down calling it meaningless and proclaim himself the new WWF, yes F, Champion.

    The new slogan will be get the f’ back here and all will be peaches and cream, with whip cream on top.

    …….. or not

  • CC

    Actually, looking at it, its probably not even US time.

  • CC

    you do realise that the time on here is US time, and not all of us are on the same time as you?
    For instance its 4:20pm here now, but thats not what it will say on my post.

  • adam tarasievich

    @2ratedRKo2- You should talk you are on here at 2 in the morning just trying to blast people. Just because i can put thoughts together more then just go get a life dont be jealous just go sit in your corner with your poster of orton and have fun.

  • silkysimcfly

    Yeah CC I’m with you. Punk wins, Vince comes down and looks Cena in the face and says “You’re……” and someones music hits, probably Del Rio who has won MITB, cashes it in and wins. Then it’s Del Rio vs Cena for the title at Summerslam.

  • CC

    I think most people think the same thing. Punk will win, then lose the title straight away to whoever wins MITB.
    That way it gets all the little children upset that Superman is going to get fired, but is saved by whoever wins the contract.

    If there is interference, it will be from current WWE heels because Punk said lots of people in the back hate Cena and they will want him fired.

  • 2ratedrko2

    @adam, get a life.

  • Pancho

    Punk Will Beat Cena And Then One If The MIB Winners Will Cash In And Beat Punk

  • Zack Ryder

    are you serious BRO!?

  • Gary

    im like 99.99999% sure he wont leave with the title, the ONLY way i see this is if vince is trying to get rid of the draft or the 2 world title idea…but im kinda glad Punk is leaving, he could totallllly boost ANY company that he goes to after this

  • CM Punk 86

    that would be cool i think he’s gonna lose then enter money in the bank to face him at wrestle mania just my idea triple threat match for title

  • ML

    @adam tarasievich Quite some storyline you created there but I think Punk’s leaving. And probably not with the title either.

  • Justin

    Punk’s leaving. lol

  • adam tarasievich

    I think colt is going to cost cena the title he will jump the bareer and distract the ref then nexus will come down attack cena. Then punk hits the Go To SLeep covers gets the win. BUt people will say oh he will leave blah blah blah. INcorrect this will all be made as some kind of swerve that he was never going to leave he just wanted to prove how gulible all the pions in the wwe universe are. Then colt who was apart of wwe at one point becomes a new memeber of the nexus.

  • HeartBreakHill

    So did Paul accuse Randy Orton of stealing his moves?