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Colt Cabana Correction, Update on Ariane Andrew in FCW, Styles Comments on RAW

– Joey Style wrote the following on Twitter after last night’s RAW: “Congratulations to @CMPunk and @JohnCena for the most entertaining conversation I can remember in professional wrestling or WWE. Reality TV.”

– In a correction from last night, Colt Cabana did not work a dark match against Curt Hawkins. There was no dark match before last night’s RAW. On a related note, some have been wondering what name Cabana was introduced to last week when he wrestled Wade Barrett in a WWE dark match. He was introduced as Colt Cabana and not Scott Goldman, his previous name in WWE.

– It was reported yesterday that several FCW wrestlers had possibly been released after being removed from the roster page. One of those removed and expected to be released was former Tough Enough contestant Ariane Andrew, who was just added to the roster under her new FCW name of Cameron Lynn. It looks like she might not be released after she posted a message last night on Twitter indicating she was headed back to FCW in Tampa to get back to work.

  • venom

    Sting faced Undertaker at a house Show last night. The match was great. Sting hit Undertaker with a bat. The bat had some writing on it saying “the streak is over 19-1.”

  • Phill

    I heard Brock Lesnar faced Hulk Hogan in a dark match on Smackdown

  • CC

    dont be so naive. these so called reporters either rely on unreliable sources or steal their news from elsewhere, then end up with egg on their faces.
    people come here to find out news, and we keep getting half arsed reporting that isnt even factual.

    Its like the fucking riots that are going on all around me right now, too many people scaremongering with fake stories, just making things worse. If people took time to actually research their information, we wouldnt keep getting bombarded with pointless incorrect information.

    If you are happy to accept this half arsed style of incorrect reporting, then they will continue to be like this because they will think its ok to do it.
    This site has been littered with comments from a multitude of posters about Middletons piss poor reporting, not just myself and sadly this is not the only site that allows him to continue pretending to be a reporter.

    Oh, and how do you know I am always in a bad mood? Are you here 24/7? Or are you basing this on the fact that I make a handful of posts a day, which are sometimes negative and sometimes not?
    Would you like me to make an opinion of you being always stupid based on this single post of yours?

  • SusyRko

    cc why you are always in a bad mood? we are humans, we make mistakes

  • The Killswitch

    Because the news is copied from other sites, that’s why.

  • CC

    When are you so called reporters gonna learn not to take people at their word who attend live events? It was only a week or so ago that someone told you that someone else was in a dark match and it turned out to be someone else.
    Wait til you know the facts before reporting, as its you that ends up looking like an idiot, not the guys sending in the info.