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Colt Cabana Says WWE Won’t Return His Phone Calls

Colt Cabana stated during an interview with that he has not heard back from WWE officials since working two tryout matches for the organization in August.

“They won’t return my calls or anything,” he tells Justin Kendall. “It’s pretty weird, man. I don’t get it. Nobody was really receptive. It’s just like they wanted to ignore it. I think it’s because Punk is such a rebel that … they were able re-sign Punk, but I think to kind of stick it to him, they don’t want to talk to his friend.

He is asked whether he had that feeling when he worked the tryout matches.

“Nah,” Cabana responded. “It didn’t seem like. All of the wrestlers and all of the personalities and all of the personnel, they love me. They get it. I think there’s just a group of people who don’t get me or don’t want to get me. Unfortunately, that keeps me away from an opportunity, but at the same time, I think the answer was so obvious to put me on TV and capitalize on it.

“At the same time, I think it’s really nice that my fans are really gathering around me and supporting me and continuing me in wrestling without WWE. A lot of people say that you can only be successful if you’re in WWE, and I’m a great case and point where when it’s all said and done, to be a great wrestler doesn’t mean that you have to be a WWE Champion or WWE superstar.”

The full interview can be accessed here.

  • adam

    This could be a work to it is possible he is signed and everyone is trying to keep it secret until he debuts to help punk.

  • scotty_doesnt_know

    what does ‘kayfabe’ mean?

  • Starship Pain

    WWE: Doesn’t care about skills. They want muscular guys and pretty ladies.

    So, Colt is very good, he’s skilled and popular. But that means nothing for the bodybuilding money-hungry company.

  • Stevie P

    I smell kayfabe here.

  • Hunter

    This means he’s signed with the wwe!

  • mahhad heins

    who in the lord of god cares about colt cabana… no one cared about him until rebel cm punk(thats scary) talk about him…

  • adam

    He will eventually be in the wwe. Im sure thats one of punks stipulations in his contract to get some ROH people hired like castagonli hero and maybe colt.

  • mark

    take the hint WWE obviously not interested. doh !!!!

  • D2K

    Is this guy really worth all this bother or is this just a case of CM Punk just trying to look out for his good personal friend?

  • venom

    It sounds like Colt is going to be Punk’s Shannon Moore. Colt sounds like he is hanging on Punk’s achievements to try to get into WWE. Just like Shannon Moore being friends with Jeff Hardy got him a job in TNA.

  • Kris

    why would he need a tryout match? he has been there before!!! I dont get it