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More Comments from Chavo Guerrero Following His WWE Departure

– Here are some more comments from former WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero after his departure from the company this weekend:

“Can’t believe all the response I’ve gotten! 🙂 Good or bad, u have taken the time to tweet what u think. Thank u all

I’m still trending, which means all of u are trending too. I can’t do it without u. In a sense, I am u, and u are me! 🙂

Not only time to be a Guerrero but also time to represent La Raza correctly! They can try, but they can’t hold us down!! Viva La Raza!!

Weather it was making Mysterio quit,losing to a Leprechaun, being a 10 time champ,or dying my hair & becoming Kerwin White, I always gave U my all in that ring & always will! I loved every cheer & every Chavo Sucks chant. Thank u. U fans ARE wrestling!! 🙂

Another thing I’m happy about..I get to spend time with my boy Batista!! Low riders all day long!! Impalas to be exact! Mines a 63, his a 64”

  • Shawn

    I feel that Chavo has a much higher regard for himself that anyone else in the world. The guy was okay, but not great. Not even close. He wasn’t a huge success in WCW. We definitely wasn’t a huge success in WWE. It’s not that he was being held back, it’s just that we was never that good. Look at his match with Sin Cara at Over The Limit. Horrible. Is he going to blame Sin Cara? Yeah, but I blame him. He was supposed to be the ring general and lead Sin Cara and he botched just as many spots, if not more. I think he was fired rather than asking to be released. If that were the case, he’d have asked a long, long time ago.

  • CC

    Chavo was never anything special in WCW and he was never anything special in WWE. I remember when he won the ECW championship a few years back, and most people said it showed how worthless that title was.
    The guy is reasonably talented and can work a mic, but he doesnt have anything special, and will always be compared poorly to Eddie.

    When even Hispanic crowds dont get behind one of their own, then you know they are nothing special.

  • Chris E.

    All depends on how much respect he can get from TNA (I guess that is the only option for him?). The only proper first step would be if he is brought in to feud with Angle. Then (I think) he will be able to get back into the top tier. He has been a jobber for so long that I find it hard to believe anyone will take him as a serious threat. I like Chavo, but I believe he is going to have to prove himself capable of being a main eventer.

  • venom


    Thats what I am thinking. He is only going to get disappointed.

  • Myers

    I am starting to get the impression that Chavo thinks he is going to become some huge star now that he has left the WWE. He is, was, and always will be Eddies nephew that nobody ever really cared about. Although I did find the stuff in wcw with him and the little horse hilarious.

  • venom

    This guy should go get a job already. Sorry, I am not you Chavo. lol. good luck.