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Comments from Dixie Carter, AAA-TNA News, Impact In-Ring Action Way Down

– Stan sent word that this week’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling had just 7 minutes and 6 seconds of in-ring action, the lowest of 2011.

– AAA’s Dorian Roldan said on Twitter this past week that he and Jeff Jarrett had successful meetings in Orlando regarding AAA and TNA’s relationship. He teased that we can expect some big things to come for the two companies.

– Dixie Carter wrote the following messages on Twitter this week:

“Congrats to new TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm! So proud of how far you have come. Kurt, sorry about your damn luck!!!

Two million viewers on Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV – our most watched episode ever!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!”

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  • adam62

    How can wrestling matter in TNA if they only had 7mins. In a 2hr program they should have around 30min atleast.

  • scooter

    FACT the only reason people watched was to show they want james storm as champion its the same reason I bought MITB and summerslam to show I wanted punk in the main event!

  • peep this

    Come on CC when the Attitude was in effect WWE it was ALL ABOUT the smack talk soap opera Bull shit. Its sells love it or hate it.

  • The “Kurt Angle Kick-Out”

    I think the majority of people tuned in to see Storm win the title, I highly doubt the next show does well. I don’t read the spoilers though so maybe something crazy happened at the next show that will draw in some ratings. I doubt they’ll get close to 1.3 again this year, but congrats. The better TNA does, the longer they’ll be around, and thus the better wrestling SHOULD be for all of us.

  • CC

    so with under 8 mins of wrestling on the show, they get one of their biggest viewing figures? No wonder them and WWE dont give a shit about wrestling.
    They see that people tune in for the soap opera part, and then think thats the way to go.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, had to get that out. Is that a typo? April Fools already? TNA, where wrestling matters…

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    7 min 6 sec? reminds me of the wrestling organization “WTF” in the South Park episode