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More Comments from Eve & The Bella Twins on the ‘Diva Drama’ from This Weekend

– WWE’s website has posted a follow-up article to the Divas drama that has been going on Twitter the past few days. Here are quotes from the Divas:

Eve Torres: “The truth is people who have not been in our position and are not here living the life we do have no idea what we go through as Divas. They lump certain Divas together as ‘model Divas.’ The truth is, I was never a model. I have an engineering degree. I can be somewhere else, but I chose to be here and I chose to fight for the Divas division every week. I’m still a woman and I still like to have fun. And who doesn’t want to see Kelly Kelly’s butt in someone’s face? It’s great.”

Brie Bella: “People can’t stand the fact that, yes, we were models, but now we can kick anyone’s butt in the ring. That’s pretty much what it comes down to. We’ve actually worked harder than them, because we didn’t come from a wrestling background. When we came into this business, everyone was against us. And look where we’re at now. We succeeded. In your face.”

Nikki Bella: “I think what first set us off was saying that the world cringed when Brie won the [Divas Championship]. Actually, no they didn’t — at all. We weren’t raised in a wrestling family and we didn’t come out of our mom’s womb lifting weights.”

  • venom

    I don’t think the Bellas were as bad as everybody says they are.

  • diddy


  • Bella Twins > Fat Cheeto inhaling marks talking about shit that is predetermined and dictated almost soley by booking, not skill level.

  • Destiny

    Obviously the Bellas haven’t seen each other wrestle (with out rose coloured glasses on), because live they aren’t good at it at all. Also, ya I cringed when which ever Bella won, because it was a disgrace to the woman’s division. Kelly at least as matured in the ring, but the Bella’s would have been gone if they weren’t arm candy for all the guest hosts that Raw had that gave them time to save their asses.

  • PLW

    “And who doesn’t want to see Kelly Kelly’s butt in someone’s face? It’s great.”

    No its not, the only diva that can pull that move off is Torrie Wilson.
    And while she wasn’t the best wrestler, she definitely improved on her ring skills and was far more entertaining… Kelly to me is just a poor carbon copy of Torrie Wilson

  • Thillio

    “but now we can kick anyone’s butt in the ring” Really ? I want to see her last 5 minutes in a shoot with Natty …