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Backstage Concern Over James Storm’s Title Reign, ODB As A Hooters Girl

— While many in the locker room are happy for James Storm capturing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, according to one wrestler, there is more faith in Bobby Roode as champion over “The Tennessee Cowboy.” Concern also lingers about Storm being “too Southern” to represent TNA.

— Infrequently seen TNA Knockout ODB stated on Twitter that she will be a Hooters girl for Halloween.

She wrote, “I recieved my lil orange shorts n official tank top yep im gonna b the dirtiest hooters girl u have seen #bammmmm.”

— Gail Kim has been announced for K & S Wrestlefest, which takes place Saturday, December 3 at the Ramada Philadelphia Airport 76 Industrial Hwy. Essington, Pennsylvania.

  • tombstonepildriver

    ^^^^^ Nope they want them to all be over the hill, used up, drug addicted, alchoholic, Former WWE stars!

  • venom

    They are worried about Storm being champion but they gave him the title???? Roode isn’t ready because he is from Canada and Storm isn’t ready because he is Southern. It’s called gimmicks. Everybody has to be different. What doesn’t TNA want everybody to be from the Impact Zone?

  • MJ

    Vince russo’s name all over it! You push jeff jarrett down our throats to make him look like he wasn’t a piece of lower midcard shit! Now your worried about storm? DAMNIT!

  • Chris E.

    Storm needs to come down to the ring on a chopper trike to Pantera’ Cowboys from Hell, and wear some chap tights like Shawn Michaels. Then, he will be styling as the TNA World Champ

  • ironcross

    How the fuck do they know how he is going to be? he has only held the title for a cup of tea, JEALOUSY is a curse
    They need to keep the title on him until atleast jan – feb instead of throwing it around

  • RAMSES 2



    good point @blah. jeff jarret is just as southern as storm and was TNA champ for YEARS! . I love angle but im tired seeing him with the title, its time for new champs to be established as beer money ran its course. TNA needs to reconsider having hogan and bitchoff in their company if anything. horrible booking

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    @CC yes they would be that ignorant. Not long ago Hogan basically said Roode wasn’t ready because he was billed from Canada…

  • BlaH

    isnt double J southern???

  • Eric Nixon

    “…according to one wrestler, there is more faith in Bobby Roode as champion over “The Tennessee Cowboy…”

    Maybe TNA should have thought of this BEFORE they let Hulk Hogan con them in to scratching Roode’s title win at BFG. This company is a joke.

  • HR

    Another wrestler from the south…..The Rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TS93

    Hogan u fucked up

  • Ron Paul

    The Rock: TNA? Who is the TNA champ?
    TNA: There is some concern about…

  • tombstonepildriver

    TNA___ Suck my white southern cock! I will never watch your show again and I hope all southerners follow suit!

  • Snark Mark

    “Too Southern” might be code for semi-literate, functioning alcoholic, good ole boy. Even then, it’s TNA. Know your audience, these things shouldn’t be a problem. You’re on Spike for God’s sake.

  • Jake

    This is why you don’t listen to Hulk Hogan. Just because he likes James Storm over Bobby Roode doesn’t mean anything. Seriously, what has Hogan added to TNA? Other than him, Flair and Bischoff getting air time that could put over younger talent (or them putting over younger talent.)

    You built and built Roode as the next champion for months and months, only to let Hogan ruin the whole thing, NOW you’re worried about James Storm? You should of thought of that before you ruined your biggest PPV’s finished, gave the title to someone else in under 2 minutes on your free TV show.

  • nick

    Texas rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin, the man that revolutionised and reinvigorated wrestling. ‘nough said.

    Stoopid TNA

  • kyle

    didnt TNA come from nashville?

  • Superman

    Concern should also be over odb being a Hooters girl

  • CC

    “Concern also lingers about Storm being “too Southern” to represent TNA. ”
    What the fuck?
    Are they really that ignorant that they believe someone cant be a good champion due to where they come from?
    Look at guys like Shawn Michaels, Booker T, JBL & god knows how many good old southern boys who have been worthy champions.

    Anyone who thinks being southern means you cant represent a company, is a fucking idiot.

  • TS93

    No shit tna. U dropped the ball every1 knows that