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Concern Over Raw Becoming A Three-Hour Show, Raw From 1999 To 2001, More

Raw will expand to a three-hour show, starting with the 1,000th episode on July 23 at 8/7 CT on USA Network. Of WWE employees broached on the subject by, no one had a positive feeling on the addition of one hour to Raw. Rather, those talked to are “genuinely concerned” about the harm making it a three-hour show on a weekly basis could do to the WWE product.

– It’s week four of’s celebration of the 1,000th episode of Raw. This week, look back at shows from March 1, 1999 to January 22, 2001 in this photo gallery.

– WWE returns to the Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois on August 25, 2012. Tickets go on sale June 29, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.

– The synopsis for next week’s Raw reads: “John Laurinaitis runs television’s longest-running weekly episodic show.”

  • Allen

    I got an idea WWE. How about instead of hiring fancy hollywood writers….maybe you hire REAL fans that know what we all want to see!?

  • Turn Off The Dark

    Oh dear lord. I see absolutely nothing bad about adding an extra hour. As has been previously stated, more build up. Probably going to use some other talents more often and get more names recognized. The people there need to stop bitching about it. Jesus.

  • God I miss these days

  • Whatever

    more talent in matches, more matches, more time to develop huge storylines, more variety in the type of wrestling etc. etc.
    how can 3 hours be bad? well, it will be bad if the writers mess up but hopefully they will do something good for once…

  • SYM

    RAW 1999 – 2001 were the Greatest Years of RAW.

  • ant

    i agree with poko i mean we might actually see alot of developmental talent move up to the main roster because of this if u think about it plus i mean its not like they cant move back to 2 hrs if it dosent work out ya know

  • poko

    That extra hour could be hugely beneficial to the WWE product. For example, they could introduce us to the tag teams, show us that these guys have a direction and a unified personality. Tag team promos used to be great, going back to guys like the Road Warriors or Team 3D, as teammates would feed off each other’s intensity. This would also allow creative to establish feuds with depth and show us why we should care. Tag Team storylines used to be just as dynamic as singles storylines.

    They could build up the secondary belts as titles that people are genuinely interested in holding. Realistically, most of the locker room should have their sights set on these belts, and they should be presented as great stepping stones. US/Intercontinental matches should be a showcase for talent that is on the cusp of main-event status, not as joke matches. Add a real benefit for those holding those titles, such as an automatic shot at the WWE/World titles once a month on RAW or Smackdown.

    They could hire some female wrestlers who can actually wrestle, even if they just use them to carry their barbie-dolls, and Diva’s matches could last longer than 2 minutes. Most of the best female performers in the world are still in the indies or in Japan. Pretty much everyone who wrestles for SHIMMER is better than almost the entire Diva’s roster, which is kind of sad.

    There is so much they could do to enhance the quality of RAW. Unfortunately, I can’t help but think that the bulk of the extra time is going to be spent on video packages, comedy routines, and gimmick matches with non-wrestlers. I think they’re getting ready to shove WWE TV at us with a high volume of clips and promos. I think we’re going to see more heavily produced pieces on the talent, like the Cena and Lesner spots they’ve used recently. In short, it wouldn’t surprise me if the actual wrestling on RAW becomes so diluted by non-wrestling segments that it feels more like a reality show than a wrestling program.

    The worst part of all this? Monday Night Football has sucked recently.

  • Shanehneh

    Look at just about every 3 hour special they’ve done in the past few years. Hardly any of them utilized the extra time the way any of you have spoken about. They used it to add in filler; there was nothing extra but lame, non-sense segments and recaps. WWE has barely even been able to do 2 hour shows right. How much time do they waste with fucking recaps? They show you the same shit that happened last week, the PPV, and even shit from 30 damn minutes ago. If you think WWE is going to use that time right and have more matches and meaningful segments, you are delusional.

    Time isn’t the issue. Time has never been an issue. It’s been two hours since 1997 and for four years after that we saw it grow to give them their highest ratings, surpassing the rival WCW who had beaten them for 84 weeks straight. It’s creative, Vince, whoever in charge that is the problem. You give them three hours and they’ll waste that extra hour.

    It’s like procrastination. If you have something to do and always wait until the last minute, having extra time is just more time to dick around and waste. WWE needs to learn how to use the ample time they have more wisely. Fix that problem and you won’t need desperate shit like going to 3 hours, which WCW proved is a flawed system.

    There’s a line about those who don’t know history being doomed to repeat it, but what about idiots blatantly ignoring it?

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Make Smackdown 1 hr only. Over working, and diluting the product will only make it worse.

    If Raw can’t make a compelling 2hrs, what makes you think they could make a, at best, a mediocre Raw with 3?

  • Stevie P

    Actually I think the opposite. It could give the writers a chance to explain why the wrestlers are wrestling each other that night. For example, not booking a Main Event before Raw even starts but over the course of the show they could make a reason for having it. Same with mid-card an low-card matches. I doubt this will happen though.

  • Emerson

    Do you guys really think they’re going to put more matches on with an extra hour? I don’t think the writer’s would be concerned if that were the case because they don’t book matches, they create storylines and it seems like they are already thin when it comes to making decent storylines and that’s why they are worried plus they need someone besides cena to carry an extra hour of raw and right now they got him and brock and brock isn’t going to carry raw..

  • Jimbo

    What’s there to be concerned about? Just book more matches.

  • ant

    dont see what the big deal is i mean we get to see more matches and probably better build up to storylines

  • Tom… Just Tom

    HHHMMMMMM… maybe give more wrestlers an opporunity to show what they have on the WWE’s flagship show????

  • CAYK

    Same writing with longer matches…?