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Concern Over Ryback’s Crowd Reaction, Shield’s Performance at TLC, Cena Note

– Footage of John Cena’s appearance on The Today Show can be seen here.

– Apparently there was concern for Ryback’s crowd reaction received when he made his way out for his match at the TLC pay-per-view. Some were blaming the heel fans that were extra loud for the lack of crowd response Ryback received. While those same fans booed John Cena, Cena fans were very vocal in their support. WWE is really pushing for Ryback to get over now so they are hoping that last night was an anomoly.

On the flip side, management is said to be very happy with The Shield’s performance at TLC.


  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    HEEL fans?! Now I’ve heard it all. I didn’t know fans were heels and/or faces. Didn’t know we played a role in storylines. WOW. How about maybe just people cannot stand Cena or Ryback, because they’re tired of being forcefed Vince’s jacked up talentless superheroes? Vince even came out and cut a heel promo on the fans once saying, “I’ll TELL you what you like!”

    And I honestly believed he was shooting on us. He’s gonna make the people he THINKS are stars in his eyes, into stars, whether we like them or not. And we either drink the Kool-Aid or fuck off. Sometimes people don’t want to drink the Kool-Aid and will insist on liking who they want to like based on talent, not who we’re told to like.

  • Bob

    if wwe would stop trying to fuck ryback up the butt and make him lose every major match they book him in then the fans wouldnt view him as another muscled out loser and would start cheering him again…right now they just see him as another guy who cant get the job done so their starting to turn on him….either push him and give him the big matches and have him win the big matches or bring him up slowly like they did with sheamus…

  • Devil_Rising

    Maybe one of these days, they’ll get smart, and go back to going with who the FANS like, and not trying to shove wrestlers (Cena, Lashley, Sheamus, Ryback, etc.) down our throats. If he’s not really getting THAT over by himself…then maybe he’s not “the next big thing” after all.

    Vince didn’t have a stroke of genius turning Austin into a good guy. The fans turned him when they cheered him back in 1997. Perhaps Vince has forgotten that. On the flipside, Vince didn’t have a stroke of genius turning Rock heel and having him join the NOD. The fans turned Rock heel because they booed the shit out of him, for whatever their own reasons. Two of wrestling’s biggest stars, and two talents who once upon a time, WWF was smart enough to LISTEN to fan reaction for.

  • Bawb

    What quite an anomaly now is that fans are better heels than the wrestlers.

  • xXx


    since when did we have heel fans?

    are we heel fans for hating on ryback and cena?

    i’m confused

  • EVH

    The fact is today’s fans act like obnoxious jerks.

  • what?

    wow 3 stooges at it again and you all just suck it up it’s been done to death week after week get some better ideas us people with a brain want something new

  • Austin

    The fans like to tease, they can boo during entrances until you give them a reason to cheer, by the end of the 3V3 match, no one really got booed.
    I. Was. There.

  • Jimbo

    Well here’s an idea, stop having him lose every PPV match he’s involved in. He’s now 0-3 at PPVs. Herp derp.

  • yofitz

    Ryback SUCKS!

    Stupid fat roided hick.

  • scooter

    It was a very good match for what it was and that was a massive spotfest, a damn good one mind but no it is certainly not match of the year!

  • deva

    It doesn’t help that Ryback decided to take a nap for like half the match wen he went through the table

  • Jeremy

    WWE, don’t fucking worry who gets booed and cheered!!! It doesn’t matter what you do, the fans will cheer and boo who they want. I was at raw when EDGE won the title over RVD and Cena. Me and my buds were only afew flipping out for Edge but still, you cant force ppl to chant and boo vince you crazy old bastard

  • Henri de Aragón

    @Hank Moody

    When is your new book coming out?

  • adam

    Thats cause shield is three young guys that everyone is excited about. Ryback is someone who is shoved down peoples throats like cena

  • Hank Moody

    They BETTER be happy with Shield’s performance, it was Match Of The Year. MOTY on their DEBUT. Unheard of.

  • sam

    a new york crowd is always different to a tradition wrestling crowd. plus the last few weeks on raw ryback has been getting some of the best reactions so. it will take time for him to be super over. he needs to win a title or something just so people take him seriously as a threat

  • poko

    Ryback has never been super over, it’s more that people just like to chant stuff.

  • Nate

    The Shield were an enigma, people were incredibly eager to see them.
    Plus the fact that those who do know them are incredibly loyal fans, I remember hearing chants for Moxely, I was so glad to hear that.

    Plus Ryback loses too often to be considered this ‘monster’, even though he doesn’t lose cleanly. It has shattered the illusion a bit.

  • Cboz78

    Wow, I wonder why, because The Shield > Ryback.