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Confirmed Names & More Information on the Upcoming WWE ’12 Video Game

– Names currently confirmed for the new WWE ’12 video game are Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, John Cena and Randy Orton. Ring announcer Justin Roberts and commentators Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are also confirmed. Ricardo Rodriguez is also confirmed for the game as he’s featured in Del Rio’s entrance.

It sounds like the game will also feature Legends as The Road Warriors and The Rock are heavily rumored but not confirmed.

More footage and details on WWE ’12 will be released at the E3 convention next week. THQ will unveil the WWE ’12 demo next week at the convention and then release it online.

WWE and THQ’s Cory Ledesma noted on Twitter that gameplay related features will be revealed at E3 but details on other game modes and features won’t be released until August.

Cory also confirmed that WWE ’12 will only be released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii. The game won’t be released on PSP or any other consoles.

  • Chryogenos

    @CC even trying to justify what you are saying, you sound like a dick…
    and I agree with Joe, you and other 3 guys, keep complaining on this site about everything: WWE, TNA, SPOILERS, I never check UFC’s news but surely there are your names 2!

  • Davey Zoo

    @ CC Agreed, I was fraustrated when I came on this. The only thing new and noteworthy was that Ricardo will be in the game… But you already knew that 😉

  • CC

    @??. How the fuck am I sposed to know what is in the article until I read it? Going on the article title, I thought it was going to be some useful info, but once again it was bullshit that everyone knows.

    @Joe. But the point is, we dont need to know these names are confirmed cause they are a given. I dont look through articles to complain about things, I look through them for news, which this isnt.
    If you genuinely think this is newsworthy, then you must live under a rock or something if you didnt know that those names would be in the game (not meant as an insult, just that these guys are the top guys in the company right, or commentators and ring announcers).

    Now if they told us some of the lower card guys, that would be news as those are the guys that always are hot or miss as to whether they are in the games.

  • Kris

    id like to see a tag season mode, where me and a buddy can go thru it as a tag team and work our way up

  • You Saw it Coming

    I think they should try to get ahold of the Rock to have him do a few voice overs so he can be the host of Wrestlemania in story mode or Road to Wrestlemania made, and after you beat the mode with whoever, You unlock The Rock in his current look with the I bring shirt/Team Bring it shirt, low hair cut/bald, and The tattoos THQ seem to be scared of putting on him for YEARS. They should also have a version with a goatee.

  • Joe

    At CC: The reason those names are confirmed is because they are the only ones that have appeared in what little footage has been released of the game so far.

    I agree that this site often fails in being a reliable source of journalism, but it seems to me you (and many others) have been looking through articles just to complain about anything.

  • Appocalypse

    and how about a “whatever” on a pole match added to the game.

  • Appocalypse

    Im sick of the same legends in the game, its always the same lot recycled over and over, give us some wrestlers that havn’t appeared in any of the svr series or the Legends Of Wrestlemania game or that piece of crap allstars. I would like to see yokozuna in a game again (despite being in LOW), how about Texas Tornado, Randy Savage (in a svr style game) put the vintage deisel and razor ramon in the game, maybe marty jannety and a vintage hbk (rockers style), love to see gangrel back in agame with his entrance. And i think its about time Owen Hart made it back to video games (i know that probably wont happen because martha forbids it). Other names id like to see….Vader, Sid, DDP, classic tag teams like Demolition and put bobby heenan in there as a manager.

  • ??

    @CC… Why do you keep reading it then. There is a simple solution.. Stop reading it!!!

  • Mabry

    if they put the rock, i hope they put em looking like he did on Smackdown HCTP or as he looks now days, it doesnt look very cool now day with the square head imo.

  • alvin

    why the rock put somone new in the game like booker t
    road warriors,kevin nash, ddp sid alumi edge goldberg yokozuna and the late grate randy savage and umaga (rip both of guys) these would make some great matches and a awesome game seeing yokozuna vz umaga or seeing them team against the brothers of destruction awesome match right

  • CC

    Names confirmed so far Orton, Cena, Miz & Del Rio … no shit!
    I never thought they would be in the new game, what a huge surprise this is. Oh, and commentators and ring announcers .. they are a huge surprise as well.

    Why dont you also tell us that there will be a ring and a crowd while you are at it.

    Honestly, its stories like this that really make you wonder what is and isnt considered news in this day and age.
    I’m waiting to turn on the tv and have a newsreader tell me the sky is blue and water is wet.