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- Several of the FCW wrestlers have wrote how amazing the mood was at Thursday night’s NXT TV tapings at Full Sail University where the first-ever NXT Champion was crowned. Reports from the previous set of tapings noted how professional the environment is at the NXT tapings. Triple H continues to receive props for the way things are going in developmental and with NXT.

Seth Rollins wrote the following after Thursday’s tapings:

“Response has been overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who has my back. We’re in this together. #futureisnow”

– Antonio Cesaro defeated WWE United States Champion Santino Marella in a non-title match on last night’s WWE SmackDown. Cesaro wants a title shot now. He wrote on Twitter:

“After my victory over @milanmiracle on tonight’s #smackdown I demand to be named the #1 contender for the US Championship”

– Days after AJ Lee was named the new RAW General Manager, no new GM was announced for the SmackDown brand. WWE’s website has a new feature up asking if Friday nights really needs a General Manager or not.

  • yofits

    sign, give the US title to AMERICAN wrestlers …
    give it to Cody Rhodes or Goldust or Billy Gunn or Christian or etc etc

    bring back to the european championship and let Santino, Sheamus, Drew Mc, Antonio and other euro wrestlers feud over it.

  • Gary

    Khali for GM! Or funaki.

  • Anon123

    I prefer no GM over Teddy Long as GM for Smackdown.

  • ant

    bc mitchell NOBODY wanted to fuck wit the boogeyman and didnt Edge and Christian have a blond haired surfer boy gimmick i would hardly call that serious and what about mabel aka viscera aka big daddy v who went from comendy to serious so whos to say santino cant oneday do the same thing and Tyler(: i agree wit u 110 percent bro santino is entertaining and people love him so who cares what internet dorks think cuz appatently the wwe universe has no problem with santino as u.s. champ

  • Tyler(:

    Finally Devil_Rising calls a wrestler by their current ring name, not a past one.

    And I’ll be waiting for the incoming hate/kid comments but I couldn’t care, Santino’s entertaining as hell in my opinion and can actually sell well, granted not the greatest wrestler or not THE GOD CM Punk, but still.

    The Headbangers were joke characters. All of you will want Santino too lose it for two reasons, one because apparently he’s at fault for WWE being PG, and two because Cesaro is from ROH.

  • bc mitchell

    Ant you don’t get what a joke character is do you? Just because a guy or guys have a humorous and light hearted feel, ie Edge & Christian, doesn’t make them a joke character. A guy who is not taken seriously or treated seriously, ie Santino, Doink, or Boogeyman, is a joke character. Being a joke character doesn’t mean you can’t wrestle though. Yet wasting long title runs on characters who mean nothing only helps devalue already near meaningless titles. The secondary titles are meant as proving grounds to gauge future main eventers. Or at least they used to be

  • ant

    and i know that this character was sposed to be serious but i still remember KING BOOKAH!!! haha i thought that character was great and he had a comedyness about him i say bring back BLACK SNOW for just one night on commentary instead of regular Booker T

  • ant

    and lets not forget about Foley and all his many faces i could argue that mankind was at one point a comedy character who held the wwf title and the wwf tag team championships anddd DX technically is a comedy tag team and stable

  • ant

    @Devil Rising u make some valid points but i guess it all depends on what u consider a joke character but as we all know every promotion has to have atleast 1 and theres absolutely NOTHING wrong wit a character wit a funny gimmick holding a title plus ive seen santino wrestle before its just wit the gimmick hes currently potraying hes being booked to be comedy so its not like the guy cant wrestle and need i remind u that at one point edge and christian were joke characters who held the tag team titles and some would even debate that rikishi is a joke character or r truths current lil jimmy gimmick and need i remind u that tnas eric young whos a good wrestler has held every title there except the world heavyweight title and hes there joke character and what the fuck are u smokin i seem to remember goldust holding the world tag team titles with booker t and a couple of intercontinental titles as a homoerotic weirdo so do your research bro

  • Devil_Rising


    Please enlighten me as to WHICH comedy act/joke characters won and held any significant titles for long periods of time. What, Gilberg? The WWE value of their Light-Heavyweight title was about ZERO, hence the fact that it wasn’t even defended or on TV for about a year while Gilberg held it. It was a joke wrestler, holding a joke title.

    And GOLDUST? How long have you been watching wrestling? Because back in the 90s, during his original run, Goldust was a major heel, who dressed and acted the way he did (not funny, but super-homoerotic), to psychologically mess with his opponents. He was over the top, but it wasn’t to be funny, it was to get heat. He was a serious heel with a very weird gimmick. He most certainly wasn’t a comedy act until much much later on, as in his second or third stint with the company.

    Santino is a comedy act, and one that has gotten VERY stale at that. You didn’t see them slapping the IC belt on Doink the Clown, let alone leaving it on him for half a year or more. The mid-card titles are meant to help build new stars. Santino is a not a future star of the company. He’s a comedy act and he knows it. There’s a huge difference between a character that is goofy/funny, like the Hurricane, but is still a serious wrestler, and someone who every fabric of their character and image, from the tights, to the music, to the unibrow, to his retarded finishing move, is meant to be nothing more than a joke.

    Thus, yes, someone serious that they’re supposed to be building up, like Caesaro, should get it.

  • http://wrestling-edge.com savage

    scooter that was a fucking an awful comment u suck at life

  • scooter

    Ant I was going to respond to YOU saying how Cody and Henry are already above the US title but I will never engage in a debate with someone who can’t even use proper spelling on the internet. So as far as I’m concerned YOUR opinion means nothing!

  • ant

    and scooter u dont have to put a title on somebody to build them up honestly i would rather see santino lose the u.s. title to cody rhodes or maybe even mark henry(when he returns) but antonio cesaro cmon now there are wayyy more wrestlers who deserve it more than he does

  • ant

    @Devil Rising..thats an idiot statement seeing how back in the day joke characters who were over with the fans got to hold titles and it was never about them being a joke character or not it was about there work ethic and how over they were wit the fans for example goldust

  • scooter

    There is no doubt Santino is great at what he does but he has no place as US champ, put the belt on Cesaro and start building him.

  • Devil_Rising

    His gimmick or moronic, but they need to take that belt off of Santino, who honestly never should have won it. He’s a joke character, and joke characters don’t need long title runs.

  • Buttercastle

    This may sound like a dumb question but I haven’t paid any attention to NXT at all. So Seth Rollins wins the NXT championship, but will he actually defend it or is it more like a gold medal or trophy that he just keeps?

  • yofits

    sign, give the US title to AMERICAN wrestlers …
    give it to Cody Rhodes or Goldust or Billy Gunn or Christian or etc etc

    bring back to the european championship and let Santino, Sheamus, Drew Mc, Antonio and other euro wrestlers feud over it.


    Go to sleep Middleton!!!

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