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- The Miz missed Friday and Saturday’s WWE live events because he has been filming an upcoming episode of the USA Network’s Psych.

- WWE has announced that WWE Champions CM Punk and John Cena will have a contract signing on tomorrow night’s RAW, less than a week away from their unification match at SummerSlam.

WWE is also teasing that both WWE Champions will be in action tomorrow night but have not announced opponents.

  • Paton

    these contract signings are getting far too common know, just lazy booking really

  • http://facebook.com wwefan4ever

    Isay during the contract signing, del rio r truth and the miz will come out and try to attack punk and cena but they will clear the ring and they will have a stare down as raw goes off the air!

  • Saintimus

    Gonna suck. I kinda like Adams idea because any PPV with cena NOT in the main event sounds like a breath of fresh air to me. But no point in having Del Rio and Punk fighting. and @Blue CM Punk is the heel. Cena is and has been the babyface for the past 6ish years. But if you listen to the crowd……. especially the men. Cena is the biggest heel in the biz.

    Jumpin off subject here. A good main even fued i’de like to see is Miz vs Punk. If the clouds(Cena) weren’t in the way of the sky. We can see stars(Miz, Punk ect.) shine at night. BTW if your wondering. I am NOT a Punk or Miz fan, just a plain old classic WWF(the wrestling company, not the animal people)fan.

  • Sean Mooney

    They can’t do pick your opponents or “pick your poison” because both Kane and Big Show are on summer vacation.

    I’m thinking if they are in action, probably something like Punk/Cena tagging together against I don’t know… Del Rio/Miz maybe. The one hour hype being that Punk/Cena cannot co-exist or lay a hand on each other, something along those lines. That is if the contact signing isn’t last. If they are in action during RAW, contract signing would probably be during the middle. Then again, opening up with a contract signing is very possible.

  • Bill

    I’d like to see Punk & Cena team up for the hell of it on Raw.

  • paulbstoltz

    @blue4everd agreed, cm punk and cena are bigger then that

  • blue4everd

    @adam that just sounds terrible…LOL i dont think cmpunk is a heel…

  • adam

    It will be a pick your opponent thing. John cena will probably pick someone huge to face punk. Punk will pick COlt Cabana or someone from ring of honor to face cena. But cena will win or punk will run in to force a DQ but they will jump on cena at the end. Then del rio comes out cashes in on cena and its del rio vs punk at the ppv. But wwe wont do that because it will make cena look weak or human.

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