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The Miami Herald has provided a printed copy of the letter that WWE received from the US Justice Department concerning their announcement that free WWE merchandise would be given away near the polls in Connecticut today.

Here it is:

U.S. Department of Justice
Criminal Division
Public Integrity Section
Washington D.C. 20530

November 1, 2010


Jerry S. McDevitt, Esq
K&L Gates Center
210 Sixth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2613

Dear Mr. McDevitt:

Re: World Wrestling Entertainment

The Department of Justice has recently received information that your client, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), might be providing or planning to provide free merchandise to voters at polling places. However, the available information also indicates that if this practice is actually planned or occurring, it is open and notorious. Accordingly, this letter is to advise you that WWE might be operating in ignorance of applicable federal criminal law, and to notify you of that law.

Specifically, Section 1973i(c) of Title 42 of the United States Code makes it a federal offense to pay or offer to pay an individual a thing of value for voting. Violation of Section 1973i(c) is punishable by imprisonment for up to five years and a fine not to exceed $250,000. Please note the Department’s understanding that this statute prohibits a person from providing a thing of value — such as clothing — in return for an individual’s participation in the voting process.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Richard C. Pilger
Election Crimes Branch

  • Truthiness

    I didn’t read anything threatening in that letter, they were simply warning WWE that they would be violating election laws.

  • RootMan

    thank god she lost get this pg shit out of my living room! im tired of this toto wearing wrestling i didnt grow up watching fairys or princess ok i watched the rock and austin…undertaker and kane…I watched Pro-wrestling! i watched me and women put there bodies on the line for us…u know wat they shouldnt even have the please dont try this at home anymore i mean there not even doing anything thats worth getting hurt! im done seriously TURN THIS BULLSMIT OFF AND TURN PRO-WRESTLING BACK ON!!! excuse me WWE not TOTOS…

  • soosososs

    so what? it’s a bad thing to give out free stuff?

  • mike

    u guys are all dumb good for them for sending the letter wwe is pretty much saying “ok show up near a voting booth and well give you free merchandice, which would make that person wanna vote for linda” does anyone NOT see whats wrong with that?? But I guess it dosent matter since she lost anyways!! Maybee now wwe will be like it was from 1999-2007 :)

  • Stu

    YES YES LINDA LOST! lol thank god I know PG is sticking around but no more stand up non sense

  • JC

    So Harry Reid can give away Free Beer, but Vince is told to shut up and sit down.. got it..

  • Raziel

    Their letter says its an offense to pay or offer to pay people, the WWE is just handing out pictures and t-shirts.

  • Ron

    i think this is all completely stupid and a waste of time. lol

  • Eric Nixon

    As the old proverb states: “Don’t start none, won’t be none.” The DOJ is simply trying to advise WWE that giving away free merch could have unintended consequences.

  • MajinTrunks

    They actually said the would be giving it away to people who showed up, regardless of if they planned on voting or not.

  • Buttercastle

    Did WWE say that they would be giving away free merch to people who voted, or giving away free merch to people who are in the area of the voting. It’s two different things.

  • scooter

    so the US goverment is run on rumours and hear say good to know

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