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Corey Graves discusses the idea of being a heel commentator

Corey Graves can be heard every Monday and Tuesday night, working the commentary booths for both Raw and Smackdown. The Savior of Misbehavior is a favorite of the WWE Universe, bringing a bit more punch to the table than his cohorts.

Most of the commentary teams are criticized for their bland deliveries and repeat basic catchphrases. However, Graves’ biting remarks and sarcastic comments have been a breath of fresh air. However, when it comes to whether he’s a face or a heel, Graves doesn’t want to be considered as one or the other.

Graves discussed the debate on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast.

I side with a lot of heel mentalities. I can justify it because I generally was a heel as a wrestler, so I can justify just about anything. A lot of times it’s outrageous and ridiculous, which is why I love to say it.

It’s funny for me to be able to give a backhanded justification for something that was clearly messed up and out of line. That was just entertaining myself. I’m not the ‘bad guy’ commentator. That is passe.

In his most recent visit on Sam Roberts’ podcast, he also discusses his adjustment to commentary, the amount of work he puts in throughout the year, and if his kids are into wrestling. You can check out the video here.

  • MindTricked

    Indeed. The illogical words that often come out the mouths of the “heel” announcers either crack me up or irk the hell out of me (because I really like logical thinking), and Corey’s good at it. My only issue with him is that he occasionally goes after wrest… errr, performers in such a way that the ONLY retribution should be a physical one in the ring, but since he’s unable to do that, it just becomes off-putting.

    On the other hand, the fact that I want someone to put hands on him means he’s good at his job

  • w00t w00t

    Hey Graves, if you happen to read this, please thank Thea for being just as big a THOT as the rest of the girls in the locker room and thank her for potentially derailing Thousand Souls push. I don’t want that man on my screen.

  • Thomas Murray

    However, Graves’ biting remarks and sarcastic comments have been a breath of fresh air

    oh please stop as you only have to look at classic WWF and see he is only saying similar things and tone as to the way Jesse and even the Weasel went on and for you younger ones, he is just 2018’s JBL