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– Celebrating birthdays today are former WWE star Virgil (49), former WWE star Headbanger Thrasher (42) and former WWE star Jacques Rougeau (51).

– WWE will be returning to Spain in November.

– CM Punk appeared at the Bouncing Souls concert this past Thursday night in Chicago, IL. Here’s video of him introducing them on stage:

– According to the current storyline, WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett is now flying solo from The Corre. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater still appear to be a tag team.

  • venom


    Barrett was the top heel on Raw with the Oriinal Nexus. Remember he was in WWE title picture for 3 ppvs. This point now, he’s been going to midcard which is going down. Hopefully he will win the Smackdown MITB.

  • CC

    The whole deal with the Nexus/New Nexus/Corre has been a bit of a balls up ever since they started adding new members and kicking out others.
    The original idea of the Nexus was that they were all rebelling against the WWE for the way they were treated. Then they started having rivalries within the team and that was where it all went downhill.

    The ousting of Barrett and the formation of The Corre could have been a good idea, but within a short time they were all fighting with eachother before they even had a real chance to make an impact as a strong faction, and seems to have only been put together so they could turn Jackson back to a face by making him a sympathetic victim.

    As for The New Nexus. Putting Punk in charge was a good idea, but overall the team has looked weak with Orton single handidly putting most of them out of action. Then having them barely pick up any wins since then. And lets not forget the whole debacle with Husky Harris.
    Why even keep him on the team just to get rid of him?

  • simon07

    I hope they make Gabriel a face and give him a good run. He has a lot of talent and his move set seemed to be more of a move set a face would use.

  • Mark

    Would it be a bad start to drop the title to Jackson?

  • CM Mark

    I don’t like the suit…

  • edo.risk

    The thing about fation is that they fued with other factiones… In fact if something wouldof rosen up like a Core vs. SM vs. Raw vs. Nexus…

    Barret its good in the ring and good in the mic, but ppl are asking for very quick ups the ladder, if the elevate him to fast it can be just like Sheamus, his a 2 time WC, and was decended to job for Santino… I say to baret to take his time, but to gain his spot imn the ring, and not behind a faction. (More Wrestling)

  • In Grind We Crust

    the bouncing souls are pretty lame. c’mon punk…

  • Bill

    I’d like to see Barrett keep the Corre themed titantron & graphics. They look pretty coole. Either way, I just hope he finally gets his first singles run after a year of being in a stable, & hopefully he ends up in the WHC picture.

  • Diesel

    Don’t get me wrong I liked the original Nexus & The Corre but I’m actually glad Barrett’s on his own now, hopefully once he’s had a lengthy IC run they can elevate him up to the main event and put him in the World Title picture.

  • shawn

    good. i didnt think they (WWE) would want to produce more corre shirts.

  • sammy

    the corre was never a threat like the nexus

  • Stumpy

    And another “strong” faction collapses under the weight of irrelevance. Next up on the path of irrelevance, and in an extremely close second, The New Nexus. As CM Punk is soon to make his exit and the ever cycling roster of Nexus members are relegated to the minor leagues of FCW, the groups that WWE tried to push as powerful are nothing more than filler and mediocre comic relief. Only problem is, no one laughs during their sets and most change the channel. Get with the program WWE and, for once, listen to the fans. Those that are still left for you to listen to, that is.

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