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Correction on Christian, Note on The Rock from RAW, Michael Tarver Update & More

– As noted before, WWE Studios’ That’s What I Am with Randy Orton will be released on Blu-ray and DVD May 17th. This will be a Walmart exclusive release.

– Ron Simmons is on Twitter at @WWERonSimmons.

– Several readers have e-mailed in asking about The Rock’s “U” hand signs on RAW. This is the hand signal for The University of Miami, known as “The U.”

– Michael Tarver wrote the following on Twitter regarding reports of him being injured by Xavier Woods at last week’s FCW tapings: “thanx for the concern but im ok I am a machine and xavier woods is world class stay tuned…”

– In a correction from this week, Christian became the #11th Grand Slam Champion in WWE history after winning the World Title at Extreme Rules. Jeff Hardy became the #9th in 2009 and JBL became the #10th in 2009.

  • JAck45

    well said 😛

  • Bus

    To everyone bitching about the typos on this, there is one simple solution: Go start your own site. Can’t be that hard, right? I mean if Middleton can do this internet wrestling journalism then why the hell can’t you?

  • JAck45

    I agree with CC, there is to much bullshit being posted on all the sites. a simple cross check before posts would do a world of good.
    He brought it to attention so he deserves credit for the correction here.
    People make mistakes sure, but if cross checking was had, there wouldn’t be as many as there are.
    The fact u took offence to a simple reference to 9/11, makes you a joke. Your laughable, that a simple building cant be mentioned without you yelling about it. Your just like the pathetic people who decided to remove the buildings from motion pictures and totally ignore the fact they were there in the first place. If your father did in fact die as a result of the buildings falling, then a simple quote like CC’s wouldn’t make you bust a gut over it. People need to stop taking shit so seriously and personally on here.
    ^^^ this comment is something that id expect you to cry about, not a simple quote about a building.
    Grow the fuck up people.

  • Trixie

    @CC, don’t bring up 9/11. And, just so you know, just the other day when the news reporters were talking about Obama’s announcement that Bin Laden was dead: the reporters said Obama was dead instead of Osama. People make mistakes, so shut up.

  • 808notsogreat

    Jeff, you try too hard.

  • Ryan

    also CC, its not like reporters of any type of media never made a mistake. a lot of times they don’t get the facts straight, and ALOT of times they are never corrected.

  • Jeff

    How dare you compare this to 9/11. I just want you to know my father was in one of those buildings and for you to even bring it up on a wrestling website is complete and utter bull crap. Have some respect you son of a bitch

  • CC

    @Jason. It doesnt matter if I pointed out a number, a name or the colour of cat shit. The simple point is that something was reported as fact without actually checking the facts.
    Imagine if a news reporter claimed that only one of the twin towers fell, I mean, its only a number isnt it.

  • Nathan


    Me too 🙁

  • Hunter

    I was kind of hoping this was going to say ”Christian lost by DQ so didn’t lose the title”. Shame.

  • Jason

    @cc so you pointed out a number not that big of a deal

  • Zach D

    @ CC
    lol you’re definately right on with that.

  • CC

    @Jeff. Stop being a fucking retard. The fact is once again a news story was reported without actually checking the facts. Something that took me all of 30 seconds to verify. I dont claim to be a reporter, so how come I can put in more effort than someone who claims to be?

    @ Zach D. If my name was Stan I’d be acknowledged in a heartbeat.

  • Another Life

    Well I guess you cant put four words on here.

    D A M N LOL

  • Zach D

    @ CC
    Yeah, that’s not important enough to be mentioned. Sorry to disappoint u.

  • Jeff


    Good for you! You want a cookie?

  • CC

    You could at least acknowledge that I pointed that out about Christian being the 11th.

  • dlb

    i wonder how many tweets ron gets from people that just say DAMN!