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– It was reported that last Tuesday’s live SmackDown episode on the USA Network drew a 2.5 cable rating. According to television industry sources, the show actually drew a 2.2 overall cable rating, with 3,812,000 viewers.

– Wednesday’s Tribute to the Troops broadcast on the USA Network drew a 1.8 cable rating over the course of two hours, with 3,013,000 viewers. The show did hours of 1.8 and 1.7.

– WWE posted a video on YouTube ranking the top 10 greatest WWE submission Superstars of all time. The ranking is as follows:

10. Tazz

9. William Regal

8. Sgt. Slaughter

7. Daniel Bryan

6. Dean Malenko

5. Chris Jericho

4. Ric Flair

3. Bob Backlund

2. Kurt Angle

1. Bret Hart

Daniel Bryan criticized Flair’s Figure Four finishing maneuver by saying he didn’t win a lot of matches with it and therefore wouldn’t rate at the top.

source: PWInsider.com

  • jim

    riiiiiiiiight benoits brain was so bad..yet he could book flights,find his way to arenas remember how matches were supposed to go and so forth.by your logic all serial killers are good people also i mean most of them are crazy so by your logic they should be rewarded also.

  • CptCannabis

    @jim The brain is a magnificent thing. Beat it against the inside of your skull enough times, and it doesn’t work so well. It’s appropriately referred to as a tragedy for a reason. Chris would not have done that in his right mind.

  • jim

    @ justin..benoit is scum child killer im glad he isnt on the list.

  • chilly

    i’m surprised they didnt throw in cena as well, even the hell’s gate as well

  • tim

    Regal Should be way higher. Its missing Benoit.

  • WakaWaka

    What about Luger? No one’s ever gotten out of the Torture Rack.

  • terry

    maybe ted dibiase sr. should be in the list too??

  • Zach


    I hope that’s sarcasm.

  • corona

    wheres john cena!?!?!?

  • JAck45

    Thank god the STFU isnt in there…

  • jd

    *because his wrestling put them to asleep… messed up my own joke damnit

  • jd

    charlie haas had a pretty sick submission move… it involved everyone in the arena and watching at home asleep….

  • donners

    chris masters?!

  • Justin Sane

    Still, guys…
    Despite what he did, he was still the best.
    They just can’t pretend that he never existed.

  • Zach

    LOL @ Benoit.

    Vince would rather close down WWE altogether than mention his name.

  • damkat

    Did you forget the WWE has forgotten about Benoit. He will never be in any WWE best of.

  • Justin Sane

    Where’s Benoit?

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